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Ncell Brings Stay Home Pack Offers – “Don’t Miss Out on Work and Fun!”

The entire world is going through a challenging phase right now. Everybody has to stay inside their homes and in this situation, communication is absolutely necessary. But what are you supposed to do if you run out of balance or if the internet is gone throughout the day?

Well, Ncell has brought possible solutions for that matter. A couple of offers were rejuvenated and revamped while another new offer was just recently introduced. So, let’s have a look at those offers one by one.

Stay Home Pack – “Don’t Miss Out on Work and Fun!”

Now there are people who have to work from home or those people who just can’t rely on their internet at all. For them, Ncell has brought the Stay Home Pack; which provides a huge volume of 15GB data valid for 7 days from 12 midnight to 6pm in the evening. The pack cost Rs 230 (Rs 293.69 with Tax Included).

As expected, there’s a small condition applicable here as well. Within the 15GB data, 10GB can be used in any network; 2G,3G or 4G. While the remaining 5G data can only be used for 4G networks.

In order to subscribe to the pack, just dial *17123#. After expired, data consumption will be done through your main balance and your can subscribe for more if you wish.

Sapati/Loan Amounts Up to Rs 200!

Following NTA’s request to increase the loan amounts, Ncell has vamped up loan amounts all the way up to Rs 200. Since people in this lock-down situation won’t be able to get out of their houses, NTA made this special request to increase the loan amount. To which Ncell abided and allowed loan amounts up to Rs 200.

The Loan amount that you receive will depend on the usage of your SIM card though. For users with less usage, the loan amount will be up to R 80. If you frequently recharge your phone, and have high usage then only you are liable for the complete loan. Even though NTA had asked Ncell to not take any charges, Ncell has said that they will charge the amount that you have loaned.

Ncell had been providing loan services up to Rs 40 before this pandemic for which they charged the loan amount and an additional Rs 2 for service charge.

How do I Subscribe to the Sapati Offer?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Before getting a hold of the offer, you need to note that your SIM card has to be older than 2 months. The Sapati or loan amount that you take will be added to the main balance. And later on, will be deducted from your main balance as well. One last thing, you will be charged an extra Rs 2.55 on your next deduction as service charge.

Now, to take the Sapati Offer,

  • Just Dial *9988# and you’ll get a notification indicating successful loan transfer.
  • Or, just send a blank SMS to 9988 and that will do it too.
  • To know more about the Ncell Sapati offer, you may call 9988 and listen to the instructions provided by the operator.
  • To know the remaining Sapati amount, just dial *901#
  • Note: Customers that avail to the offer will not be able to ask for another loan until the previous loan has been cleared

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Balance Transfer

And last but not the least, is balance transfer; which as the name implies, can be used to send balance from one phone to the other. While there are people who recharge online, there are some of us who still prefer the traditional scratch cards. So, what are those people supposed to do in this kind of scenario. Well, you could simply transfer balance from your phone to theirs!

How do you transfer balance? It’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is: dial in *17122* <Receiver’s Phone Number>*<Transfer Amount>#; and it’s done.

However, there are some terms and conditions, you need to be aware of. Instead of writing it in paragraph, I’ll leave it in points.

  • Service Fee Will not be Charged.
  • Up to Rs 20 Transfers per day.
  • Rs 500 per transaction.
  • That leads to a transaction of Rs 10,000 per day.

So, that’s all I have to say about the offers. Remember, these offers like a bonus weapon in this corona outbreak. Use them wisely and it’ll be a lot more easier for you to pass the time inside your house while keeping yourself and the people around you safe.

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