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Naya News, A Smart Nepali News Feed App Powered by AI

Back in days when people were tired of buying newspapers, online news portal was a certain hotshot. There was rarely anyone who was not impressed by the online news portal. But soon the hype started fading; reason as the number of online news portals started publishing forged news just for the sake of getting views.

Today, it is hard to trust the authenticity of the news published in so many online news sites as the significant number of the news are published with the sole intention of creating unnecessary hype and publicity.

It troops of all these news portal and application, one news app have tried to break the paved path. It is called Naya News app. First launched in May 2013, Naya News application searches the news reports from various sources, automatically classifies and lists Nepali news from multiple reliable outlets.

naya news app

It uses machine-learning algorithm to classify and rank the news articles, which means the news from reliable sources, are ranked more than the other. Thus, for multiple news reports on a single incident, the feed page filters the most reliable one and omits the stories posted later by other sources avoiding the repeated news.

The app has been developed by Naya and the team has been continuously working for the enhancement of the application. The latest version of the application is 0.1.65 and is available for both Android and iOS users.


The latest version of the application has some exciting features such as:

Custom Search: It allows the users to explore news based on custom search criteria. This feature can be extremely useful for mapping trends or extract historical data.

From Readers: This dedicated section allows the users to add own interesting stories. This enables users to the publish important news that the mainstream news is not able to cover.


Some basic advantages of the Naya News app among other news application are:

1. Since it implements machine learning to sort and categorize the news, it is no chances of any human intervention. Thus, the news is only ranked on the basis of the preferences of the users.
2. With the implementation of machine learning techniques, the application is able to reduce spam-like news, creating a better reading experience for the users.
3. The team has declared a straight NO to the obstructive advertisements, which again is good news for the readers.


Overall, the application seems quite promising and the frequent enhancements and bug fixes show the dedication of the team towards the product.

The best thing about this app is its usability. The application is available in both Nepali and English language so almost anyone can use it easily. I personally do not like it when the application developer consider a certain age group as their target audience. The good thing about this application is that people of older age groups can also enjoy this application. It takes you few minutes to get used to this application. The colors are subtle and there are no unnecessary ads popping up here and there. Thus, in my point of view, the application is sure worth a try.

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