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‘My Travel Story’ Contest for all Travelling Lovers!, NepFlights.com

NepFlights.com, one of the online ticketing portal which provides the cheapest flight tickets of all airlines has organized a contest ‘My Travel Story’, in order to promote the tourism in Nepal. It is a golden opportunity for the holiday makers or explorers to share their story and get the chance to visit different beautiful places of Nepal. NepFlights.com has been working to ease the travelling problems of traveler by providing techno based integrated services.

nepflights share your travel story

According to Manish Amagai, Project Manager at Nepflights, this contest was encouraged  to promote the tourism of the country and with all the due interest of the traveler. He thinks “People feel connected to the traveler more than any other blogs they read.” The winners will find the trip cozy and organizers assured the trip will not contain any flaws.

It’s very easy to be the part of the contest. Write your travel story in not more than 150 words and send it to story@nepflights.com before January 10, 2016.

Winners will be decided as per the quality of the story they’ve written and the story that is completely new and unique to the readers will be prioritized.

You can land on the contest page for further information.

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