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Microsoft Bot Framework Workshop Conducted Successfully

microsot bot worksohp
Organizers @Microsoft Bot Framework Workshop

Microsoft Bot Framework workshop was conducted successfully on 26th August 2017. The event was organized by ASPNet Community at Insight Workshop, Kamalpokhari. The workshop was targeted to all the Microsoft developer willing to learn and integrate the concept of ChatBots.

19 participants attended the workshop, all of them who implementing. Net or C# in a daily basis. The workshop was divided into two sessions, General Overview and Workshop(Hands-on-lab). Dev Raj Gautam, Technical Project Manager at Braindigit guided the participants as a mentor throughout the event. The event started at 11 am and continued till 5 pm.

During the break, we interacted with the participants and organizers and asked them about their views about the workshop. Here is what they had to share.

“The Bot framework is the latest talk of the town. Today many businesses such as e-commerce sites, travel, and tourism sites have started implementing it. As an active community, we felt a need to organize a workshop dedicating to the Bot Framework. We have divided the total workshop into series of two sessions. Today’s session targets to provide basic knowledge of the technology to the participants. The second session will concentrate on implementing Artificial Intelligence to the Bot Framework.

alok pandey
Alok Pandey

It has been quite some time since we have started conducting technical workshops. While there have been so many improvements in terms of factors like participants enthusiasm, level of knowledge, number of participants etc, there are still some thing that needs improvements like sincerity towards these events. People need to understand that these events need lots of preparation and hard work of the organizers and presenters. Participants need to realize that and should be more sincere towards these types of events.

– Alok Pandey, Chief Technical Officer of Braindigit and a Microsoft MVP. Alok has been involved in ASP.Net community for a long time. He was one of the organizers of the event.

dev raj gautam
Dev Raj Gautam

From the initial phase, our target was to include a limited number of participants and conduct a thorough and interactive workshop. 19 participants have attended the event. The prerequisite for the workshop was that the participants should have knowledge of ASP.Net or C#. The workshop concentrates on the practical implementation. The workshop started with the brief introduction of Bot framework and the agendas of the workshop. After that, we have been implementing the framework to build ChatBot application.”

– Dev Raj Gautam, Technical Project Manager at Braindigit, currently working on ASP.NET, Bot and Artificial Intelligence, Speaker of the workshop.

The best things about these workshops are that we get to meet like minded people and get to share each other’s experiences.”, says Sangam.

Sangam Singh
Sangam Singh

“I have been using C# since 2011. I am implemented C# in all my ERPs used for logistics. The main reason for attending today’s workshop is that I am soon launching a new business related to travel and tourism and I am planning to implement Bot framework in the service. This is the first time I have implemented Bot framework and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The workshop has given me introductory knowledge about the framework and I am really excited about the second session.”

– Sangam Singh is involved in different start-up ventures handles logistics in an online portal named Neporder. He was one of the participants of the workshop.

“Today, I implemented Bot framework in the workshop. The platform is really impressive. We are implementing Bot framework to develop a ChatBot in a news portal. We have managed to go half way through it, and the workshop is interesting and informative. The best thing about the workshop is that I have been able to learn totally new technology in such a short time. I look forward to gaining more knowledge about the platform and implement in real time project.

– Prakash Pokhrel, ASP.Net developer at Braindigit. He was a volunteer and participant of the workshop.

The organizers plan to conduct the second workshop of the series soon. The second workshop will concentrate on implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Bot Framework. The participants who successfully completed the first workshop are eligible to participate in the workshop.

Photo credits: ASPNet Community

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