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Code for Nepal Comes Up With MeroBook – a Webapp for Book Donation

Out of many shortages to hit our nation and people, textbook shortages figure as most severe. Whenever a new academic session is about to initiate, students studying at the government schools face the shortage of textbooks and this is been since long.

The students in the remote areas even complain of not getting text books even after many months of the start of their academic session as the two government-owned organizations: the Janak Sikshya Samagri Kendra and Sajha Books Publication, are not capable enough to print and dispatch the printed books to various districts prior to the start of the new academic session in time.

The problem is swelling in the yearly basis. It has resulted in the issue of students leaving their schooling just because of a lack of text books. Looking seriously into this data, Code for Nepal has come up with an amazing idea of solving this issue with the concept of online book donating platform: Merobook.

Ashwin Dhakal has been working since long with his team to make this project live under Code for Nepal and he says “An online book donation platform could be a highly supportive step towards providing student their dreams of good education with quality study books.

One can donate school books by filling all the book details and submitting to the site. Based on the recorded database, a receiver who is in need of book can search for books and receive it communicating with the book donor. Developer of Merobook, Mr. Ashwin is hopeful that it could be one of the promising steps towards building a well-educated nation.

Code for Nepal is non-profit organization registered in the U.S. with major focus on increasing digital literacy and increasing access to open data. It has been listed in Forbes 30 Under 30’s in Asia.

Visit Merobook.

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