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Mero Surakshya App Now Available on iOS Platform

Nepal’s smartphone saver, Mero Surakshya, can now officially save smartphones from Apple too. We didn’t notice that Mero Surakshya didn’t have a companion app for iPhone as the Android app itself was launched this past June. But, now that it has been made available, consumers can fully take the advantage of Mero Surakshya protection plans for their valuable iPhones.

To download the app from the app store, follow the link on this Facebook page or just type ‘Mero Surakshya’ in the App store.

mero surakshya ios app

The price of the plans for iPhones ranges from Rs. 2275 for the iPhone 5s to Rs. 9660 for the iPhone X. Weirdly, iPhone 6s’ plan is costlier than iPhone 8’s plan but iPhone people are accustomed to paying premiums, so that may not be a huge deal for many. Just kidding. Apparently, the reason for this is due the phone variants having difference in their storage capacity.

If you guys want to know more about the what Mero Surakshya is and how it can help you, read our article on the very topic by clicking this link.

In short, it’s an insurance for your phone for which you pay a fixed sum of money up front and get the services of Mero Surakshya for a year. If you are are the kind of person who constantly drops his phone, or splashes water over it, this might be a life saver.

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