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Secure Your Smartphone with ‘Mero Surakshya’ Mobile Protection Plan

By now, if you read newspapers or listen to Nepali news, you have heard about Mero Surakshya. It is a comprehensive plan from Mero Surakshya Pvt. Ltd. that helps you ease the pain of a lost or a damaged phone. The best part is that it is pretty affordable. The leaflet from Mero Surakshya says that the plan will cost you only 5% of your phone’s price. But we found the numbers to be somewhere around 7-8 % which is in itself pretty affordable. For example, it only costs around 6000 a year for a plan for Galaxy S9. That’s affordable.

Mero Surakshya offers you protection against six things: fire damage, liquid damage, accidental damage, loss or theft, data loss, and screen damage (which should come under accidental damage. But, anyway) They have described in detail how all these protections work in their website and if you want to know more about what kinds of damages they protect against, click this link.

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One key point to note is that they don’t pay the full price of your phone in case of damages and theft. They have different policies for different problems. For example, in case of theft, 50% cost of the device needs to be paid by the customer, 50% will be paid by Mero Surakshya. In case of fire damage, or liquid damage, it is like 80% from Mero Surakshya, and 20% of the customer. And that is an amazing plan if you can show that the damages were really unintentional.

How to get Mero Surarkshya mobile protection plan?

So, what would you have to do to get this plan? It’s simpler than you might think. There are just four definite steps and you are done. We leave it to the Mero Surakshya group to list those four steps for you because they have done a good job at that. Click here to see how to get this plan.

Basically, you have to go to Mero Surakshya app, or webpage, create an account and log in. Once you log in, choose the model of your phone from their list and enter the details of your phone like the IMEI number and all and pay for the plan. Then after six months if you drop your phone in the water tank of your home while checking the water level, be happy that you bought this plan.

Now you may be thinking: buying the pack is fine, the offer seems interesting, but if something happens to my phone, how do I claim it? As this is a sensitive subject, we will direct you to the page from Mero Surakshya on just the right topic. Click here to see how the claiming process works. If you prefer to read it in Nepali, click this link.

Personal thoughts

Now you know about Mero Surakshya and its benefits. Losing a phone, and especially losing your data along with it is a difficult thing to go through – years of contacts lost, lots of photos and memories lost. But Mero Surakshya is stepping up to help you through that process. They back up your data and replace your phone for half the original cost. They also protect you from accidental damages like a phone falling into a puddle in a pouring rain.

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There has never been a program like this in Nepal. If Mero Surakshya can really deliver what they have promised, it would mean a lot of happy faces in the country. It will be an amazing program which will anger many people because it didn’t come sooner.

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