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KMC to Start Online Blueprint Approval of Houses and Buildings

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Image: The Kathmandu Post

New arrangements have been made by Kathmandu Metropolitan City, KMC to start online blueprint approval by collecting the signatures of service seekers online for the purpose of supporting house or building blueprint.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is reinforcing its online services for those looking for a permit to construct buildings/houses. The office has switched to an e-system regarding the process of approval for a blueprint of a design of the buildings. However, people who are seeking for the service from the KMC need to be present at the office in person to sign the document that has been approved.

According to Ram Thapa, Office Engineer, “Once the new provision comes into effect, service-seekers need not visit the office to sign on the approved document relating to the house/building design.”

He also added that the office has already taken a policy level decision in this matter. He mentioned that after solving the technical problems of the system, the service would be brought into action.

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