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E-commerce Portal Karmastha Launching Soon


Haven’t you ever thought that the modern day technology has only been exploited by a fixed group of people? The simplest example, don’t you ever wonder how much a small tailor shop can benefit if the tailor posts his work online, or how much popular would neighbor’s homemade pickles be if she could sell those in some online site? Karmastha, a new e-commerce portal is getting launched soon with an aim to connect all these small and local businesses to the online platform.

Karmastha is an online marketing platform, aiming to be probably the largest one in the country. Its main motto is to make every business digitized and make every Nepalese products and services reachable globally. It basically chooses low and medium level businesses & service providers and helps them establish an Online Buy & Sell Service through their platform. In addition to that, they will also assist them in Brand Marketing, Online Event Promotion etc.

Their basic aim is to provide a complete solution to small and medium level service providers by helping them list their profile and services in their portal and promote their service digitally.

In an official press release, a representative of Karmastha said, “We believe Digital Marketing is not the option; it’s becoming a necessity for all the businesses. Many smaller businesses are still not maximizing the benefit of their Internet presence. Facebook undoubtedly is the first choice of social marketing but not the only option and complete solution. Meaning, there can be different ways of marketing but the goal is always same – Profit. So here we are bringing probably the largest and single marketing platform/solution to help every business, from trading to service, show their online presence, increase their brand awareness and maximize the Profit.

They have announced some promising features about their product based on which we can anticipate that the product can be helpful for small to medium scale business.

Here are some ways Karmastha can help businesses:

  • Set up Store using their Self-serve Portal
  • List Services (for Service Providers)
  • Sell products & Services across Nepal
  • Sit back & Relax – taking well care of shipping & delivery to help businesses focus on their business
  • Hassle-free & 100% Secured Payments
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Karmastha is planning to launch their web-based and mobile-based application. Based on their commitments we can hope for a promising and useful e-commerce portal in Nepali market. The Techlekh Team would like to wish them all the best.

You can visit their website at Karmastha.com for more information.

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