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Huawei’s Role is Big in Developing 5G Technologies in Canada

China’s Tech Giant, Huawei Technologies, is interested in helping develop 5G in Canada. Ottawa will highly benefit in this venture, and it will help boost the business industries in Canada’s different cities as well.

5G is the main priority of digital charter

Justin Trudeau’s financial team created a digital charter. It’s a roadmap created by the financial team to lead the country’s economy into another decade successfully. There are various waves of the digital charter in practice. The government decided to start the first wave in 2017 and it was divided into various parts – 5G, financial technologies, and cryptocurrencies.

The country’s government started the fulfillment of the charter by letting Canadian companies use financial technologies. The digital gaming sector was the first to install different financial technologies to create a better atmosphere for gamers. Casino games must have a positive impact on players and they should not be limited to particular payment options. Country authorities give casino venues the right to use different technologies for receiving and sending transactions and it leads to the growth of the industry.

Players are focused on playing online casino games as they don’t need issues about finances. A wide range of payment options gives players freedom and less stress. The casino industry was first to get a positive impact from digital charter and they were followed by start-ups and digital companies. The Crypto revolution was the next step and it took not only the casino industry but the whole country’s economy into another level.

Unlike Russia or the USA, Canada acknowledged the power of Bitcoin. Allowing digital companies to use crypto became a massive success for many Canadian companies. The Crypto revolution affected mostly on digital gaming as the industry grew immensely from 2017. 5G is the last step of the first wave and it could save the country from the global recession indirectly.

The First 5G Network Will Roll-out in Canada Anytime in 2020

Telus is aiming to launch the first 5G in Canada somewhere around the end of 2020 . Financial Post says that the network operator will utilize Huawei’s technology according to their interview with Telus’ CFO Doug French.

French added that they would make sure that their operations will meet the government’s standards. As of the moment, the 5G launch is going smoothly, and no interventions are on the way to slow down the process.

A request for a proposal is also on the way according to Telus for their segment process. Telus is also open when it comes to different suppliers, as they are exploring for more, and not limited to Huawei.

Telus isn’t the only company expressing interest in launching a 5G network as several competitors are also set to start their own within this year. Due to privacy and security concerns; however, Canada is still reviewing if they will impose limits or restrictions.

Huawei’s Impact on Canada’s Developing 5G and Technology Landscape

Huawei Technologies is the leading equipment provider in terms of network infrastructure around the world. They are also capable of producing such equipment and selling it for a lower price, compared to their competitors.

With an aim for reliable and accurate research and development, Huawei leads the 5G race. They have more than 2,700 patents, although some of them are questionable.

Canada’s data rates for smartphones cost a lot, and with the help of Huawei, they can quickly bring these numbers down. Huawei will help businesses and even Canadian citizens in many ways. Shutting them off would only mean they would seek another provider that is similar to Huawei’s business model.

Telus is one of Huawei’s clients, and subscribers of this network have enjoyed cheaper data rates when compared to others. With a 5G ban in the discussion, Telus ushers that if the ban happens, their 5G launch might get delayed and costs will rise.

The U.S. Presses Canada on Their Decision Over Huawei’s Ban

Several entities are starting to press on Canada as Ottawa is about to decide Huawei’s affiliation with Canada.

The U.S. envoy in particular talks with Canada’s government officials about their decision on the ban. President Donald Trump already told Canada officials last year about not letting Huawei in their tech industry. He added that if they continue with the Huawei partnership, they might lose access to several secret files.

Pressure over Huawei started after the U.S. accused Huawei Technologies of surveillance on their customers. The U.S. also added that Huawei has connections to the Chinese government.

U.S. authorities explain that Huawei imposes a lot of threats to the government, together with how vulnerable Huawei’s infrastructures are. They also added that data breaches and hacks are entirely possible because of their weak security.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair assured that communications between U.S. and Canada are close and they are having a discussion about Huawei.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains assured that Canada isn’t going to be bullied by other authorities. However, he reiterated that he means external powers wouldn’t influence the decision over 5G in Canada.

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