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Hamro Patro Expands Remittance Service to Australia


  • Hamro Patro launched its remittance services in Australia.
  • It is currently offering the first three transactions free of charge.
  • The remittance offer is available on the Hamro Patro app.

Hamro Patro, Nepal’s popular app, has announced the expansion of its remittance services to Australia. Following the successful launch of its remittance services in the United States, the company has now extended these services to cater to the Nepalese community in Australia, effective from Monday.

Hamro Patro Remittance Australia to Nepal
Hamro Patro Remittance Australia to Nepal

Sudina Gautam, Fintech Director of Hamro Patro Inc., stated, “In welcoming our customers in Australia, we are offering the first three transactions free of charge. This initiative allows Nepalese in Australia to send remittances to Nepal without any fees or commission for the first three transactions through our platform.”

This launch marks a significant milestone in making remittance transfers hassle-free, swift, and secure for the Nepalese diaspora in Australia. The service, fully digital and cashless, is integrated within the Hamro Patro app, ensuring ease of use and convenience.

Gautam emphasized the company’s focus on transparent and user-friendly digital transactions. “We are excited to extend our service to Australia, furthering our commitment to simplifying global remittance services while reducing costs,” she added. The trust and support from their customers have been pivotal in the company’s ongoing growth and expansion.

The remittance service feature is readily accessible within the Hamro Patro app. Users are required to register, upload a photo, and complete the necessary documentation for KYC verification. Once the account is verified, the remittance service is available for use.

Hamro Patro has plans to expand its remittance services to other countries progressively. The company anticipates launching its services in Japan by the upcoming new year, continuing its trajectory of expansion and innovation in the remittance sector.

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