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Hamro Pay brings Audio Notifications for QR Payments through Koili Audio QR Box


  • Hamro Patro’s digital wallet, Hamro Pay, launches Koili audio device.
  • The audio device will audibly confirm the success of Hamro Pay transactions.
  • Merchants can get the ‘Koili’ device from the Hamro Pay team for a fixed monthly fee.

Hamro Pay, a digital wallet integrated into the Hamro Patro mobile app, will now vocally announce payment confirmations through a new audio device called “Koili.” Crafted by Biz Craft Company, the Koili audio equipment and sound box will audibly confirm the success of transactions made via Hamro Pay.

Hamro Pay Koili
Hamro Pay Koili

Until recently, customers and merchants faced issues such as the inability to immediately ascertain the success of QR payments, delayed SMS notifications, and the absence of linked mobile numbers during transactions. Hamro Pay has updated its QR payment system to support audio confirmations to address these challenges.

The inaugural use of Koili audio QR occurred on Wednesday at Cooking Coffee restaurant in Aloknagar, Kathmandu. Not long ago, Hamro Pay introduced a feature enabling the transfer of funds across 20 different wallets.

For further details, merchants and customers can contact the Hamro Pay and Hamro Patro teams to explore the enhanced payment confirmation experience offered by the Koili audio QR system.

To sign up for Hamro Pay merchant QR with audio notification, one needs to contact the Hamro Pay merchant activation team. Using the merchant QR is free for merchants; however, the ‘Koili’ device is offered for a fixed monthly fee.

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