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Hamro Patro to Introduce Audio and Video Calling Feature

Hamro Patro, primarily a calendar app is set to introduce audio and video calling features. Hamro Patro started out as a simple Nepali calendar app but in years they have added plenty of features.

News aggregation, horoscope, and share market are just some examples of Hamro Patro’s versatility. Recently they also came up with “Hamro Gifts” through which you can send gifts from different countries to Nepal. This feature is only available in the web version.

Founder of Hamro Patro, Mr. Shankar Upreti revealed the new audio and video calling feature of Hamro Patro via Facebook. The screenshot clearly shows an ongoing audio call with a request to switch to a video call.

This feature is set to launch a public beta version on Android as soon as Sunday. But, it will take almost a month to roll out the stable version of the app says Ms. Sudina Gautam, Project Manager of Hamro Patro.

The audio/video call feature will arrive first on Android and will make its way to iOS later on. To test out this feature you will need to join the beta service of Hamro Patro in Google Play Store.

Hamro Patro is a feature-rich app with a variety of features. This app doesn’t belong to one particular category due to the variation of features. While it may look like Hamro Patro is overloaded with features, it is a good thing for some users.

A particular user can get every feature via a single app and might not have to use multiple apps. This could come in handy for old people who are not familiar with mobile apps.

What do you think about the new feature? Do you use Hamro Patro for any other feature except the calendar?

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