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Nepal Government Made 29 Data Requests to Facebook in First Half of 2017

According to Facebook Transparency reports, the Nepal Government made 29 requests for data to Facebook for information from January to June 2017.

Out of the 29 requests, 27 were for legal processes while 2 were for emergencies. A total of 43 users/accounts were requested where 52% of data were produced.

Facebook says, “We respond to valid requests relating to criminal cases. Each and every request we receive is checked for legal sufficiency and we reject or require greater specificity on requests that are overly broad or vague.”

The Transparency Report (previously called the Government Requests Report), covers the first six months of 2017. The report, released on Monday, December 18, also tallies the numbers of requests for potential intellectual property violation, such as stolen copyrighted images and counterfeit products, for both Facebook and Instagram. This is the first time the report stated potential intellectual property violation.

According to Facebook, from January to June 2017, Facebook received about 78,000 government request to access user data worldwide. There were 22,464 copyright violation, 41,854 trademark violations and 14,279 counterfeits reported.

To view the government requests made to Facebook, you can go to Facebook’s Transparency webpage.

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