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Google Developers Group Dang is Organizing DevFest 2018

This year, GDG Dang (Google Developers Group Dang) is bringing the official DevFest 2018 series in Dang at November 11, 2018, along with the theme Digital Dang.

DevFest is considered the biggest annual event in the Google Developers community. This event generally consists of several speaker sessions, product information, hackathons, workshops, code labs, and much more. Each year, DevFest is organized in lots of places all over the world for exchange of ideas, knowledge, and technology.

After a series of previously successful events including Trans-la-thon, Study Jams, Google I/O Recaps, Devfest 2016 etc,  GDG Dang is organizing DevFest for the second time in Dang.

This event will start with a welcome keynote session followed by Code labs, Workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with Presentations and Tech Talks on different topics including Kotlin, Firebase, Android Pie, Digital Wellbeing so on. For workshops, talks GDG Dang will have expert speakers from Kathmandu. Participants will have to bring their own laptop for these sessions.

This is a completely free event and Participants will be provided with different swags and kits including stickers, badges and much more. Registration is compulsory to participate. You can do so by completing this form. If you want to know more about this event, you can follow GDG Dang at Facebook or Twitter.

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