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This Nepali Startup Doesn’t Own a Restaurant, But Delivers You Home Cooked Foods: Story of Foodmario

Home-cooked food is not just any food, but the food made with emotions that connect you with your roots. No matter which part of the world you are in, food that is made in your home by the special ones always hold a special place in your heart. A new startup led by Rohit Tiwari works with the same thought of connecting people with home-cooked foods.

Today, we are unwrapping the story about Foodmario, a startup that that has created a considerable buzz lately.

Foodmario is a unique platform that connects home cooks with customers and delivers the cooks’ creations. Using Foodmario’s online platform, home entrepreneurs can showcase their healthy, home-cooked food, tweak their recipes by feedback received and grow their market.

In simple words, Foodmario is an online food delivering platform that delivers foods made by home cooks. But for the founder Rohit and his team, it is much more than merely a platform. For them, it as an opportunity, come together to socialize over food and empower each other.

How did it all begin?

Rohit says he always had entrepreneurship in his soul. Even in his early college days, he experimented with different ideas and tried making different products. Though his ideas were interesting, they did not succeed as he expected. But all of them were a great learning experience, Rohit stated.

He further adds, “Foodmario reflects what I have tried to do in past, I have always tried building platforms that empower community! And I believe with Foodmario, we are trying to give an opportunity to most skilled, and passionate people who love to cook! So certainly establishing Foodmario is emotional.”

The Team

Foodmario is built with a strong foundation by a small yet dynamic team. They currently have a team of 20 members in total with 12 home cooks and eight members working in operations. They plan to increase the number of cooks to 50 in the next three months.

Rohit Tiwari leads the team as the CEO and Founder of Foodmario. Roshan Kalauni was the first person to join the team after Rohit and heads the operations, and digital marketing of the company and Babin handles all the aspects of corporate communication. Besides that, the team also consist of two devoted interns and three delivery persons.

Target Audience

Well, the most exciting thing about Foodmario is that it is for everyone who loves food. Whether you are someone who is looking for some tasty and healthy food or someone who wants others to taste your food, Foodmario might just be the perfect platform for you.

Whenever you want to eat something that is healthy and tastes impressive, Foodmario is just one call away, all you need to do is visit their site, select the food and give them a call. The food will be at your doorsteps in a few moments.

In addition to that, Foodmario is also a fantastic opportunity for the home cooks who want to showcase their skills to the world. All you need to do is contact them and let them know about the food you can deliver. Then, one of the team members of the Foodmario visits your kitchen to inspect the hygiene and quality of the food materials. If you pass their standards, you will be added to the fabulous team of Foodmario.

Foodmario provides the leverage of specifying the cost of the food to the home cooks. At the same time, they ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of the food.


Building Foodmario has not been an easy road for Rohit and his team. Like any other startup, they have been through lots of obstacles. Currently, they are working on their mobile application and designing the UX has been challenging for them. They want every aspect of Foodmario to be perfect. Thus they have made sure that they cover every little detail of the application

Well the product that we are building is something crazy different for food platform, but I am sure we have poured so much energy to make it work! We are trying to make the product different from anything that is currently available in the market.” Rohit shared.

Journey so far

In a short time, Foodmario has gained an immense amount of popularity and support. Founder Rohit shares a very emotional connection with Foodmario and says he is proud of the success of Foodmario.

“With Foodmario, I share many good moments. The greatest moment of all has been when a cooked called us and shared that she had used the money that she earned via Foodmario to pay for her daughter’s college fees. I then imagined, how proud the daughter might have felt when her mother signed a cheque for her. That moment I felt so good that tears filled my eyes.” – Rohit Tiwari, CEO, Foodmario

These six months have been a roller coaster ride for Rohit, with so many highs and lows.

While sharing about the journey so far, he shared, “With Foodmario we have had many challenges, and we still learn every day! But then again, we call them challenges; we face them, we try to work on them. I have gone through worse before, so I m sure we will never feel that we have lost it all. I’ll never feel such, neither let the team feel that. But we will work harder, better, smarter. This attitude helps keep us overcome any situation.”

Future Plans

Foodmario is soon going to launch the first version of its mobile application. The first version of the app is planned to be a sort of a pilot version to gather peoples suggestion and work for the further versions of the application.

For the more extended run, the Foodmario team wants to make sure that they create an opportunity for thousands of home-chefs. The main motto of the company is to connect people through the medium of food, and they plan to continue to work hard to achieve their goal.

Their Definition of Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship is an art, its passion, and when you have so much passion and handwork poured in a product or service it has the power to change the world. Startups are beautiful they think different, work for self-satisfaction and create something that has to mean. So for Nepal, we need as many entrepreneurs as possible, because they carry a hope that Nepal can build something that gets celebrated globally. We need products with global values, and that can be scaled out of Nepal.”

Our Take on Foodmario

Its better said in a video. We actually Vlogged about our experience on ordering foods from Foodmario.

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