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Foodmandu Online FoodFest to be Held Yet Again: Foods Available for Rs. 1!

If you are wondering if you read the title correctly, you absolutely did. Foodmandu, the beloved food-at-your-doorstep service is organizing an online fest where you can order various delicacies from renowned restaurants for as low as Rs. 1. This festival will rage on from 6th January 2020 until 12th January.

In this online food festival, customers will be able to experience multicultural cuisines from over 30 restaurants, some online games and live food festival experience in a virtual platform. You can only participate in this event through Foodmandu’s mobile applications for Android and iOS.

You will be delighted by the way they have embodied this ‘online food fest‘ thing. Roam around the fest as a man with Foodmandu’s cap and tap on different stalls that you’d want to go to or hey, even if you don’t want to order anything, go check it out, its a lot of fun!

Below are some other things that you’d like to know about this festival.

Flash Sale

There will be two flash sales throughout the day. But as the sale flashes and goes away, you need to be fast with your fingers. The heavy discounts will be available from 1 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm every day.

Everything for Rs.1

It’s true. Not everything for Rs.1, the items listed under this offer will all cost Rs. 1. This offer will last for the whole day but the food items will be limited. So, if you are not fast, you will miss your chance to eat free food. But there’s a catch with this offer.

As Foodmandu requires a minimum order of Rs. 400 to deliver your orders from the restaurant, you will also have to order something else from the same restaurant in order to get your food delivered. Basically, this is like buy one get one free offer. Oh, and you’ll get a free Somersby, whatever your order.

Mystery Bag

There will be mystery bags from participating restaurants that are full of foodie surprises! You can select between a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian and either the restaurant or Foodmandu will decide what dish to bring to you. So try mystery bags to find what food destiny has set for you.

Khalti Cashback

If you use Khalti to pay for your food at Foodmandu, you will get 20% cashback on your purchase you make in this food fest.

Free Delivery

For the length of the festival, Foodmandu will deliver your food to you for free wherever you live. There’ll be no extra cost added.

Food Stalls

Even if you couldn’t get your hands on your favorite dish in the flash sales, you can now get good discounts on regular Nepali to Continental dishes from the food stalls of more than 30 restaurants.

Treasure Box

Searching treasure boxes by wandering around stall zones in your phone screen could get you lucky by surprising you with food vouchers ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.1000.

So, that’s it about the food fest. Oh! and as a final note, “To all those people whose New Year’s resolution is to diet, Good Luck!!”.

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