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Foodmandu Revamps Website with Fresh, New Look on its 7th Anniversary


Foodmandu, a well-known food delivery service in Nepal, celebrated its seventh anniversary on November 10, 2017. The company arranged a press meet to mark this success. During the event, Manohar Adhikari, CEO of Foodmandu launched the new version of its online platform.

The new version of its site is entirely different from the previous one– a total revamp. The new site is fully responsive and perfectly fits in every screen size — trust me, I have tested it. The site also comes with a few new and improved enhancements, such as:

  • Filters – you can now filter the foods by cuisine like Indian, Chinese, Japenese etc.
  • Sort – you can sort the restaurants by alphabets either in ascending or descending order; even find the nearest restaurants using the sort by distance feature — this is very useful.
  •  Favorites – you can save your favorite restaurants using this feature. This feature can be handy for easily finding a restaurant where you frequently place the orders.

During the event, Foodmandu also made other two announcements. First, the company is providing a flat 7 percent discount on all the orders for seven days starting from Saturday, November 11. And second that it has planned to conduct the first-ever online food festival in coming December.

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“Time passes very fast. It has become 7 long years we started this voyage of delivering foods at your doorsteps. However, I still feel like we have just started and there is a long way to go.”, said Adhikari.

He further said, “During the initial days it was very hard for us to make people, both customers, and restaurant owners, understand about our system. We were very new and ahead of time to bring this kind of online platform in Nepal. But things have changed now. Many people trust Foodmandu.”

Foodmandu started its journey way back on November 11, 2010, and till the date, it has made a tangible progress. The team which initially started with four members has now grown to 70+ members. Currently, the company serves food from 175 restaurants across the valley.

The company also says that it is delivering 7000 – 8000 orders per month, and in the last seven years, 2,00,000 orders have been successfully delivered.

Visit the new Foodmandu website, and let us know in the comments about its new look.

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