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The Reasons Why eSports Continues to Massively Grow in Popularity

If 15 years ago you told anyone in the gaming industry that eSports would be among the world’s fastest-growing industries, they’d have laughed in your face while questioning your state of mind. Yet it’s the year 2020, and eSports is a billion dollar business.

It’s fair to say that competitive gaming has come a long way since Street Fighter II tournaments and Space Invaders high scores were the order of the day. Now everything from first-person shooters to battle arena titles are attracting millions of viewers and filling stadiums.

The question is: Why is the industry of eSports generating so much attention, and why’s it showing no signs of slowing down? The following reasons will help to provide answers.

It’s easy to watch and follow

The accessibility of eSports is one of the main reasons why it has grown so much in recent years. Rather than being stuck to the confines of television, many eSports tournaments are streamed across the internet. By utilizing online platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, it’s effortless for people to start watching and following the action.

A wide range of games are covered

Due to the large collection of games used in the eSports world, there is something for everyone to watch. For example, a person might not be a fan of fighting games. However, they become completely engrossed in watching an intense FPS battle.

To illustrate the wide range of games, here’s a selection of some of the most popular titles right now:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Starcraft
  • OverWatch
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Fortnite
  • Arena of Valor

The financial rewards are massive

Gaming for a living is enticing enough for those with a passion for video games. Yet for the absolute best players in the world, the financial rewards are huge – and they’re only going to keep growing.

To help illustrate the monetary benefits, take Dota2 player Johan Sundstein. Known by his alias of “N0tail”, Sundstein has earned close to $7 million dollars to date. While he is clearly the biggest earner in all of eSports, more than $215 million was shared across various different tournaments in 2019 alone.

It’s a betting phenomenon

That’s right: eSports is generating a lot of money for betting firms right now. This has become particularly evident during the coronavirus pandemic, as eSports has quickly been pushed to the forefront due to most other sports falling to the wayside.

Many different countries and betting outlets are already taking eSports seriously. For instance, you could search for an online sports betting Australia firm and within seconds, you have the ability to bet on the video game and team of your choice.

Celebrity backing

When you have famous celebrities and sports stars jumping on the eSports bandwagon, this only bodes well for its popularity.

In fact, famous names are not only interested – they’re actively investing in eSports. Names such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Aoki, and Mesut Ozil have all launched their own eSports team.

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