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OYO Customers Can Now Book and Pay For Rooms via eSewa

OYO, a hospitality company, has recently collaborated with eSewa to provide various e-commerce features to OYO.

Why it matters:

  • This collaboration will be beneficial to both parties and to the customers as OYO customers will be able to book and pay for rooms via eSewa’s platform with ease.
  • According to vice president of OYO Prasun Choudhary, customers will get 15% cashback on booking OYO Hotels at Pokhara and 7 % cashback on booking OYO Hotels in Kathmandu.
  • President of eSewa Asgar Ali said that this partnership would also contribute to increasing tourist in Nepal; Nepal has announced to make 2020 as Visit Nepal year.

The Backstory:

  • OYO was launched for the first time in Nepal, back in 2017. At the moment, it has affiliations with 35 hotels here.
  • They have plans to add around 100 more hotel affiliations by the end of this year.
  • eSewa was launched back in 2009, it is the first payment service provider of Nepal, and it also has the largest network of banks and agents.
  • Back in January 2018, OYO had partnered with Khalti, another payment partner from Nepal, for seamless booking.

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