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Edushala conducts “Learn to be a YouTuber with Aayush Rimal” workshop successfully

When asked about the drawback of our education system, one of the common answers we receive is that our education is focused on theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. We are taught things that will give us good grades rather that covering things that would help us in earning our lives. Realizing the gap between the knowledge we are provided and the knowledge we actually need, many institutions have started with an initiative to provide people with practical knowledge. Edushala is certainly one of the institutions that lead the list.


The primary aim of Edushala is to provide knowledge to people about the thing they are interested. They believe that education should never be limited to getting good grades. The institution firmly believes that power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Thus, they always attempt to create a platform where passionate professionals can share their knowledge, skills, passion and hobbies to eager learners.

Continuing the effort they recently conducted its Hero Course of the Month with Aayush Rimal “Learn to be a YouTuber with Aayush Rimal”. In recent years YouTube career has turned out to be one of the most promising careers. The craze of YouTube among youngsters can clearly be seen through the increasing number of YouTube channels.

Observing the interests of youngsters towards YouTube channels thus, Edushala decided to conduct a workshop, where interested candidates can learn about different technicalities of establishing and running a YouTube channel such as contents, promotion, etc. Thus, they decided to call one of the most successful YouTuber of Nepal Aayush Rimal, to share his knowledge and experience.


Aayush Rimal is a well-known YouTuber of Nepal who runs his channel named Aayush Rimal. His channel has approximately 55 thousand subscribers and has received 7.5 million views in total. Currently, he is studying Film-making in Texas and was here in Nepal on his summer break.

This workshop was conducted in Chelsea International Academy in which he shared his journey and guided and mentored participants to become a successful YouTuber like him. The workshop was two hours long. The participants learned tips and tricks on how to run a successful YouTube channel.

Aayush focused more on the creating content, creating, editing, MNC, Adsense and other technical sides of the YouTube which many of the participants were unaware of.

The participants are given a project as all the workshops conducted by Edushala are Project Based Learning. Aayush has asked participants to make a video and share it with him. The best video will be featured on his YouTube channel.

You can get more information about Edushala by visiting their official site: www.edushala.com

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