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Desktop Version of Sagoon Launched

The desktop version of the social commerce platform, Sagoon was released recently. All the features of the app can be found in the desktop version. It was launched targeting the users that browse social media from the desktop.

The desktop version is minimalistic, does not seem to contain any ads, and can be accessed by logging on to Sagoon.com.

More on Sagoon:

  • Sagoon users have already reached a million in India and about two million outside of India.
  • Sagoon aims to provide best users experience in social media and has been continuously working on it.
  • After the news that The Hindustan Times made a USD 5 million investment was made public, big investors are also showing their interest in investing, according to Sagoon.
  • Sagoon has currently launched the third round of funding for investors. This is the final round of investment opportunity for the interested candidates as it is the one-year qualification of running the Mini-IPO will end by June 2018.
  • The fundraising round will close on 31st May 2018.

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