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Daraz Mobile Week Starts – Major Deals That You Should Check Right Now!

Daraz Mobile week has kicked off and will be celebrated until 30th June. The sale event promises Mega Deals, Flash Sales, Exclusive Launches and Vouchers and is expected to be the biggest electronics sale of the year. To keep customers engaged, Daraz’s mobile app will be littered with numerous collectible vouchers, daily shake-shake sessions, interactive games, etc.

If you want to know the main motive behind Daraz’s Mobile week, hear what the Managing Director of Daraz Nepal had to say about the Mobile Week: Daraz Mobile Week has always been about bringing mobile phones at the best prices to everyone. In our second year, we want to enhance the customer experience by offering big discounts on all electronic products. This event will be the best one yet, with a range of new features that we are really excited about.

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The major smartphone manufacturers that have partnered with Daraz for the Mobile Week are Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Other partners include WK Nepal, Fantech, Digicom, Remax, and Vidvie.

Major Deals

Now, let’s address the main reason that is making you read this article. What deals can you expect in this ‘Mobile Week’? We will tell you about the ones we know.

Samsung Galaxy M40 will be available for Rs. 36,190. This price is approximately Rs. 5000 more than its current value in India. We wished Samsung released this phone in the same 32K price point but 36K isn’t a bad deal.

Next up, we have Realme C2. It will be available for Rs. 14,290. Other mega deals include the Huawei Nova 4 discounted to Rs. 49,900 from Rs. 64,900!!! Now that is the deal that we are talking about. Huawei Nova 3 has been discounted to Rs. 44,990 from Rs. 59,990. But I don’t think it makes much sense in buying the 3 when you are getting the 4 for 5K more. These are not the only discounts, there are tons other. Don’t forget to check Daraz. Today’s brand of the day is Huawei. So, you may get even better deals on Huawei phones today.

Other deals that you might want to know about are: Realme 3, 4/64 GB available for Rs. 23,000; the Lenovo K6 Note available for Rs 12,999 instead of Rs. 28,499; and the Redmi Note 7 3/32 GB available for Rs. 20,999, down from Rs 21,999.

Not just about Mobile phones

As the Managing Director of Daraz Nepal said, this Mobile week is not just about Mobile phones. It wants to include all electronic products. So there are sales and discounts on mobile accessories, audio products, laptops, and even TVs.
According to Daraz, top deals on accessories include 21% off on some Remax products, Fitbit gadgets with a flat 20% off, Fantech products available up to 73% off, JBL up to 25% off, WK designs up to 23% off, Vidvie up to 50% off, and Digicom items up to 25%.

In the TV department, Samsung 49″ Full HD Curved Smart TV is available for Rs. 89,890, a Palsonic 55″ 4K Ultra HD HDR Android TV is now available for Rs. 73,500, and a 43″ Samsung smart TV for Rs. 60,000.

For laptops, I scrolled swiftly through Daraz’s inventory and I couldn’t find what I would call a good deal. Most of the laptops that had some discounts came with an HDD and I couldn’t recommend any one of those to you. Two of the better ones that I found were these gaming laptops from Dell: Dell Inspiron and Dell G5.

One More Thing

In addition to all the discounts mentioned above, customers can get up to 25% discount on products during Mobile week by opting to make payments online using the debit/credit cards of Daraz’s Six Premium Banking Partners, namely, Siddhartha Bank, NIC Asia, Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of Kathmandu. You can read more about the provisions here.

At last

If you have waited this long to buy a mobile phone or if you were thinking of replacing that old and ragged case of your phone, Mobile week may be the right time to do so. It’s a good time to buy a TV too but you might get better deals during Dashain. However, the deals on laptops are not significant and I don’t think Mobile Week does anything to fix the shitty price of laptops in Nepal.

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