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Daraz Mobile Week – Get Literally up to 25% Discount using Card Payment!

Daraz is bringing us another week of amazing offers on electronic products in four days. We will have to wait to see if this package will be a success or failure in the eyes of people.

Check out Daraz mobile week here

Though the name is ‘Mobile week’, the discounts and offers aren’t only available on Mobile phones. Laptops and TVs are included too. Exclusives like Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be available throughout the week. Some other popular devices will get their prices slashed and only at a certain time.  If you miss it, you may not get a second chance. So, keep your favorite phone/TV/laptop inside your wishlist and Daraz will notify you if the price of that phone has gone down in the Mobile week. For more information, see this article.

Payment options

One of the main advantages of the mobile week has to do with the use of Debit cards.

If you happen to be the cardholder of any one of these banks: Siddhartha, Nabil, Standard Charter, Sanima, and Bank of Kathmandu, you are in for a treat. Because the cardholders from each of these banks will get a certain percent off of their purchases. And the discounts depend upon which bank’s card you use.

Bank %off Maximum Discount
Siddartha Bank 25% Rs. 5000
NIC Asia 25% Rs. 5000
Nabil Bank 15% Rs. 2000
Sanima Bank 10% Rs. 2500
Standard Chartered 10% Rs. 1000
Bank of Kathmandu 5% Rs. 1000

To use your debit card in Daraz, you must first activate your card for online transactions. To do that, you’d have to contact your bank. After you activate your card for online transactions, paying with your debit/credit card is as easy as it can get.

At checkout, you choose your payment method – Card. Then you enter your card details. After that, you will get a message from Daraz with a code to confirm your purchase. It’s simple and secure and your products will be delivered to your home in due time.

So if anyone of you has an ATM card, you can use that to pay for stuffs on Daraz. This is super-convenient and also saves you some money. Why not give it a try?

Check out Daraz mobile week here

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