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Daraz Brings “Bijuliko Jhatka” Scheme – Get Up To 66% Discounts on Electronic Products

Daraz is back with another scheme to get you to buy things online. This time, it’s called Bijuliko Jhatka. In this scheme, you get up to 66% on electrical and electronic products in the Daraz store. On average, the discounts are about 15%.

You can see the discounts and offers on this page. The products that are discounted include Refrigerator, Washing machine, other summer appliances like air coolers, televisions, laptops, etc.

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I am not an expert on refrigerators but I thought this Whirlpool Protton 3 doors Fridge looked pretty cool. And you get about 9K discount. If you were in search for a deep freezer then this one from Palsonic seems to be a good deal. You are getting about 22% discount there.

I have even lower knowledge about Air coolers but I found this 22 litre Air cooler from a company called Diet with a heavy 30% discount. Daraz says it has got many discounts on washing machines too but I found this Samsung Front Load washing machine to be the only good one.

There are so many deals on Televisions that you should check out our best TV’s in Daraz list for a better deal for you. Or just browse Daraz’s TV list and refine your search by TV sizes.

Deals are scarce on laptops though. The highest discount that I could find at a single cursory look was on this laptop from Lenovo. Browse more to find better deals.

Well, that was it. Although I didn’t find the scheme that significant, Daraz has brought innovative concepts like Daraz Mall and Daraz Brand day. And, I guess there are better ideas in the minds of people at Daraz. What do you guys think?

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