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Daraz Brings An Unique Shopping Experience: Daraz Brand Day

While Daraz sales don’t have that good reputation, the word sale still gets people (including me) excited. And this sale, in particular, is an alluring one. I find this concept intriguing and hope you’ll find it so too.

Daraz Brand day is a recurring sale event. Starting from this February, Daraz will offer exclusive discounts and offers from brands like Clovia, Caliber, Mantra, Goldstar, American Tourister, Titan, Baltra, Xiaomi, Maybelline, Converse, Rangoli, Sony, Loreal Paris, and many more every 1st and 15th of a month.

How this will work is every 1st or 15th of the month, items from one and only one brand will get exclusive discounts. This means that if Xiaomi products get discounted this 1st February, people will have to wait a long cycle of other brands before discounts from Xiaomi are up again.

This is an ingenious move. This keeps people flocking to Daraz’s site every so often but doesn’t put pressure on a single brand to lower the prices on their products everytime the sale goes live. This sale also helps the buyers get a product they want at a cheaper price as well as gives a single brand a whole new level of exposure.

The best part of the deal is that these are all brands that are the part of Daraz Mall. This means that quality is near-guaranteed on every product you buy. So if a product comes cheap, you won’t have to worry that the product may not be authentic.

This is an inventive and fun experiment by Daraz. I hope these sales don’t get a bad reputation because of the lack of availability of a good deal. If you want to learn more about Daraz Brand Day go to this link.

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