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Government Brings Official “COVID-19” Viber Community to Disseminate Verified Information

With COVID-19 at its peak, there are hardly any official bodies that can provide critical and precise information on the virus. There are bodies that provide information but they can’t be trusted at all. In this situation of peril, unnecessary rumors are just making the matters worse.

Considering that particular thought, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and Health Emergency Center (HEOC) has launched its official Viber community to provide genuine information on the Covid-19 outbreak.

This community provides information regarding the status of Coronavirus as well as other helpful information regarding preventive measures, symptoms and helplines.

The community has been online for a couple of days and within this time frame it has managed to amass more than 56,000 active members. The Ministry of Health and Population regularly updates verified information on the community; which is a great way to keep yourself updated to the current situations.

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This is a similar implementation of the WHO format that went online a couple of days ago. WHO started a WhatsApp community to alert billions of people about the ongoing corona outbreak! Since, WhatsApp has access to around 2 billion people worldwide, spreading of genuine information has become quite easy.

Fake news has a potential to become an even bigger threat than the virus itself. Just analyze it yourself, fake news has brought forth unwanted shortages, fear and desperation amongst people. If it continues further, there’s chances of chaos and anarchy spreading all across the nation.

So, instead of falling for fake rumors or hoaxes about the Covid-19, just become a part of the community and stay informed. To join, either search for “MoHP Nepal COVID-19” on Viber or simply follow this link.

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