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Sroth Code Games Launches DEMO their New Game, “Chronicles of the Himalayas”

Sroth Code Games is a Nepal based mobile game development company. They primarily make games for the Android play store. They have released 11 games until today. The company is known for developing games based on Nepali Culture and Historical background.

Chronicles of The Himalayas is the latest addition to their games which is story-driven and a single-player role-playing game set out in the Himalayas.

Inspired by Himalayan cultures, mysteries, and folklore, the game is the first project of its kind being developed in Nepal. It is also a first of its kind in Sroth Code Games portfolio. Before COTH, they had only made some small puzzle and running games for Android.

Chronicles of the Himalayas (COTH)

The game has not been released yet. However, Sroth Code Games has been uploading teasers and character revelations since October 2018 on their Facebook page. They finally made the demo of the game available on 5th January. You can download the demo from their website.

Chronicles of the Himalayas (COTH)  is an epic story of a 15-year-old Sherpa boy from a secret village in the Everest region who sets out to find his missing father. But he ultimately finds himself. The visuals of the game are just stunning.

I feel this game is on par with even the internationally acclaimed games like That Dragon, Cancer or even No Man’s Sky The swaying the grass in the wind, the construction of the buildings, all show that the game has been made with utmost care.

COTH kinda gives me the feel of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. The game looks very modern and sleek but feels rooted in the Himalayan part of Nepal. Thanks in part to the waving prayer flags and the temples.

This game is a huge deal for Sroth and for the Nepali game development industry in general. I never knew that developers in Nepal were capable of making games like COTH.

This game proves to me and to other people who play it that Nepal has the talent to challenge the global players. This game will definitely elevate the Nepali gaming industry to a new standard and encourage other developers to enter the industry.

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