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‘Tap Tap Turn’: An Addictive Obstacle-based Game by SrothCode Games [App Story]

Tap Tap Turn is the third logical game by SrothCode Games(SCG), the makers of the popular game Haku Run. It is an obstacle-based game that uses similar techniques of popular games such as Switch Color and Flappy Bird.

The game was developed with the aim to test the reflexes, right-hand and left-hand coordination, and mind and body coordination of the player. This game is addictive in nature and highly difficult for amateur players. The game has a good graphic quality and a nice background music.

The application is supported in Android device and requires 4.1 and above Android version. The game has already crossed 500 plus installation and is currently updated version 1.4. Internet connection is not needed to play this game. The score that you received can be shared through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

APP Story

srothcode games
Team @SrothCode Games

After the investment from Kantipur Innovation Center(KIC), with the total of 13 team members including developers, designers, content writer, and business consultants, the game developing company – SCG was formed. After the successful collaboration, the team had set their minds to release three games. Every day working together with common intention and having fun, it released the first of the three games Tap Tap Turn.

The company is still in R&D phase and they realized that the prototype of the game was good, but there were many bug reports. They realized that it’s not only about making the game, but they had to make users connect to the game. So they structured the game development in parallel to business and user’s preference side. They aim to make a pure gaming company focused on Nepali Games and taking it global. The company is planning to uplift the image of Nepali games by focusing on the concepts of cultural and historical background.

The developers are constantly trying to bring new features and developments in the game. The team plans on updating the game with tutorials at beginning, adding power-ups and changing the mode of the gameplay to increase the thrill of the game.

How to Play?

If you have played Color Switch or Flappy Bird then you can get the general idea of the game. Just like these two games, you dodge obstacles like in Flappy Bird and match the color of the ball/ square according to the color of obstacle like in Color Switch.

In the game, there is a square box where each side has a different color in it. The obstacle in the game is in the form of the laser where the lasers are thrown from the peak of different monuments of Nepal such as Dharara, Ghanta Ghar, Swayambunath and Kasthamandap. Each laser is a different color, the color of these laser changes without a particular pattern or sequence. The color of the lasers can change consequently or become different with each laser.

The game works like its title suggests, TAP TAP TURN, you need to tap on the right side of the screen to jump and tap on the left side to turn the box to match the color with the laser. While changing the colors there is a lot of haste and confusion. If the square with a different color touches the laser of a different color, you lose. There is the chance of the box touching the upper end or lower end of the screen, which will also result in losing the game.

The game sounds quite simple and addictive yet is very hard to master. It is mostly based on how fast your mind can communicate with your hand to dodge the obstacles. There is a great difficulty in coordinating the left and right fingers, so trying to jump may result in turn and vice-versa. The player needs a lot of practice to even score a mere score of 20.

My Say

The application has so far received a good response only with the exception of the game’s higher difficulty level. The elements such as monuments of Nepal brings forth the essence of Nepal making it unique and convivial to us.

Being a free application and suitable for all age raises its worth. In my opinion, this application can become the next Flappy Bird or Color Switch with the right amount of promotion and publicity. It is a fetching game and should be played and promoted by all Nepali.

Download ‘Tap Tap Turn’ from Google Play Store

Edited by – Sushil Awale

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