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CAN Info-Tech 2018: Is Your 100 Rupees Worth It?

can info tech 2018 worth it

CAN Info-Tech is regarded as the CES of Nepal. The biggest tech event in the country. This is the 24th iteration of the CAN Info-Tech. Known for a platform to showcase new technology, showcase for new startups and what not, the CAN Info-Tech is the hottest among the “info techs” in Nepal. It has been getting both good and bad criticisms from people since very long ago. This year wasn’t different. Yes, being a very anticipated event, it is hard to keep up with the expectations but I believe that CAN and the participating companies haven’t been trying hard enough.

The “Subisu CAN Info-Tech in Association with Motorola”, organized by the Computer Association of Nepal with the title sponsor Subisu and Motorola being the associate sponsor, is underway from January 25 to January 30. I, as a tech writer, reviewer, and hardcore tech enthusiast, went to the Info-Tech to scrutinize the event myself. But to say the least, this year’s CAN Info-Tech is ABOMINABLE! I know this is a heavy word to use, but the CAN Info-Tech hasn’t been able to keep up with itself over the past few years and this year was even worse.

First, let us talk about the good things that could be seen in the CAN Info-Tech. Though it was “bad”, some things were certainly good. This year there was a separate pavilion for new startups such as Foodmario, Sajilo Marmat Sewa, and Khalti. The stalls were provided to those startup at a subsidized cost. This is one good practice that CAN has started. The startups that have not been able to get exposure or say less exposure will have a chance to get expose them to the broader audience.

Few products launch could be seen at the event this year. The launch of Huawei Mate 10 Pro was one them. Anker also launched its two projectors this year. There were some avent-grade items such as the Heng Lamp which was publicized by Sammy Traders. When we visited the Sony stall, we got the information that the three smartphones that were launched in the CES 2018 will be making its way to Nepali market somewhere in the second quarter of 2018. Also, there has been an announcement that the phones from Moto G series will be launched in about a months time. Other than these, there weren’t anything special about the CAN Info-Tech this year.

The “lack-of-innovation” could be seen. This is the 24th time that CAN has organized an info-tech. Trust me, this has been going on since long before I was born. But, the level of ingeniousness has not taken a leap for a long time. The Laptops display was same as last years’. The printers were the same as of last years’. Companies and ISP had almost identical offers as last years’. Info-Tech has become more re-iterative. Big companies like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Vivo had no stalls despite the immense popularity in the Nepali market. CAN has become more like a market design to sell old and outdated products. Just like, you know, the markets of the New road. Just on a smaller scale.

So, is it worth spending 100 Rupees to go to a tech event? Depends. If you are someone who likes to see innovations and new technology, then big NO. Mark my words, nothing about the CAN Info-Tech is “innovative”. If you are the kind of person who likes to follow the latest happenings in the tech world, then, *meh* maybe. Not much has happened so, I don’t see an obligation of going. But if you are someone who is looking to get some impressive deals on products and offers from companies and ISPs, then you should definitely pay a visit.

So, tell us about what you thought of the CAN Info-Tech in the comments down below.

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