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Apple Mac Studio with M1 Max and M1 Ultra is Now Available in Nepal

The new Apple Mac Studio with M1 Max and the new M1 Ultra is now available in Nepal for pre-order.

Apple Mac Studio
Apple Mac Studio

The Apple Mac Studio price in Nepal is Rs. 3,19,000 (M1 max, 24-core GPU, 32GB memory, 512GB SSD) and Rs. 6,19,000 (M1 Ultra, 48-core GPU, 64GB memory, 1TB SSD).

It was initially unveiled by Apple on March 8, 2022, along with the iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 2022, and Studio Display. The Mac Studio is a new Mac desktop line from Apple that comes with M1 Max and the new M1 Ultra chip in a compact design.

Apple Mac Studio Specifications

  • Body: 95 x 197 x 197 cm, 2.7 kg (M1 Max) / 3.6 kg(M1 Ultra)
  • Chip:
    • Apple M1 Max: 10-core (8P + 2E) CPU, 24/32-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 400GB/s memory bandwidth
    • Apple M1 Ultra: 20-core (16P + 4E) CPU, 48/64-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine, 800GB/s memory bandwidth
  • Memory:
    • M1 Max: 32GB/64GB
    • M1 Ultra: 64GB/128GB
  • Storage:
    • M1 Max: 512GB / 1/2/4/8TB
    • M1 Ultra: 1/2/4/8 TB
  • Ports: 4x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort, USB 4, USB 3.1 Gen 2), 2x USB-A ports (up to 5Gb/s), HDMI port, 10Gb Ethernet, 3.5 mm headphone jack
    • On front (M1 Max): 2x USB-C ports (up to 10Gb/s), SDXC card slot (UHS-II)
    • On front (M1 Ultra): 2x USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 4, up to 40Gb/s), SDXC card slot (UHS-II)
  • Communications: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, 10Gb Ethernet
  • OS: macOS Monterey
  • Colors: Silver

Apple Mac Studio: Rs. 3,19,000 (M1 Max, 24-core GPU, 32GB memory, 512GB SSD) | Rs. 6,19,000 (M1 Ultra, 48-core GPU, 64GB memory, 1TB SSD)

Apple Mac Studio Overview


The Apple Mac Studio has the same square footprint as the Apple Mac Mini but is taller. Yet, for the power it delivers, the Apple Mac Studio is still one of the smallest computers out there.

It is constructed from a single aluminum extrusion with a length and breadth of 7.7 inches and a height of 3.7 inches. To cool down the chip and device, there are over 4,000 perforations on the bottom and back of the enclosure that direct air through the internal components.

Apple Mac Studio back side
Apple Mac Studio backside

Apple claims that it remains quiet, even under the heaviest workloads. Moving on, there are four Thunderbolt 4 ports on the back, along with a 10Gb Ethernet port, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack with support for high-impedance headphones.

Additionally, on the front, it includes an SD card slot and two USB-C ports, which on M1 Max supports 10Gb/s USB 3, and on M1 Ultra supports 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 4. Mac Studio provides extensive display support — up to four Pro Display XDRs, plus a 4K TV.

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Max Studio is powered by either M1 Max or the all-new M1 Ultra chip.

M1 Max was first seen on the new MacBook Pro, announced in October 2021. The chip has a 10-core CPU and a 24-core or 32-core GPU.

M1 Max and M1 Ultra
M1 Max and M1 Ultra

The M1 Ultra is basically two M1 Max. Apple used its custom-built packaging architecture UltraFusion to connect the die of two M1 Max. Apple says the architecture uses a silicon interposer that connects the chips across more than 10,000 signals, enabling a staggering 2.5TB/s of low latency, inter-processor bandwidth.

The M1 Ultra has a 20-core CPU — with 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores — and a 48-core or 64-core GPU. It’s the largest PC chip ever with 114 billion transistors. The M1 Max has 57 billion transistors.

Mac Studio with M1 Max features up to 64GB of unified memory, while Mac Studio with M1 Ultra features up to 128GB of unified memory. And it comes with up to 8TB of SSD storage.

Connectivity and OS

For connectivity, the Mac Studio comes with built-in 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatibility and Bluetooth 5.0.

Additionally, it has a 10Gb Ethernet (Nbase-T Ethernet with support for 1Gb, 2.5Gb, 5Gb, and 10Gb Ethernet using RJ-45 connector).

In terms of software, the Mac Studio runs on macOS Monterey.

Apple Mac Studio Price in Nepal and Availability

Currently, there are only two variants available in Nepal. The Apple Max Studio price in Nepal is Rs. 3,19,000 (M1 Max, 24-core GPU, 32GB memory, 512GB SSD) and Rs. 6,19,000 (M1 Ultra, 48-core GPU, 64GB memory, 1TB SSD). It is available at Apple authorized stores across Nepal.

Apple Mac Studio Storage Price in Nepal
M1 Max | 24-core GPU 32GB memory | 512GB SSD Rs. 319000
M1 Ultra | 48-core GPU 64GB memory | 1TB SSD Rs. 619000

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The Mac Studio delivers a significant performance improvement. It packs an incredible amount of power into a little package. It’s for those that require every ounce of speed possible.

What do you think of the Apple Mac Studio? Let us know in the comments!

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