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Admizz.com – A new startup to help you choose your college with ease!

Student life is always exciting and full of new experiences. We learn so many things in each and every step of our student life. Finding a college or an institution is a hectic and overwhelming though. Especially after the completion of our secondary level, we tend to be more independent and start doing things on our own. We go through many difficulties after completion of our SLC examination, searching for a bridge course center or even a college is certainly one of them.

The list of institutes available and their luring promises are just too overwhelming for the students, thus they tend to make wrong decisions. The main reasons for the confusion is that there are no ways to find out the reliability of these institutions. The similar confusion remains to each step of a student’s life, be it searching +2 colleges, entrance preparation institutions after high school, or even searching undergraduate college.


Realizing all this problem Manish K Shah and his friend Prashrya Rajbhandari in 2015 decided to build a website cum application to make the process of searching and getting admissions in institutes easier. Admizz.com was developed in 2015 when they realized that the current process of searching and getting admissions in college is quite tedious and hectic. It was really difficult for the prospective students to get answers to their queries regarding their further study. Moreover, there was no way to prove the authenticity of the institutions. Thus, to solve all these problems, he decided to develop a platform where students can answer to all their questions and can get admission to colleges and institutions easier.

Admizz is an acronym for their major motive which is also their tagline – Admission with Ease. It facilitates its users to search for the course of their choice, go through the details and apply online to get admission in the institution/course of their choice. This helps the user to save a lot of time, money and energy. Transparency in fee and a provision to address any institute directly (in case of queries) is also offered. It is currently working in Nepal and some cities of India. Their major vision is to make the admission procedure very simple for students with the use of technology has been direct in both ideation and implementation. The website is managed by INRA EduTech Services Pvt. Ltd. and MKS Technology Pvt. Ltd. in India and Nepal respectively.

Manish K Shah, CEO and Cofounder of Admizz.com

To know Amizz.com more closely, we had an interview with Manish K Shah, CEO and Cofounder of Admizz.com. Here is what he had to share with us.


Q: What was the main reason behind building the application? What problem does it try to address?

A: Through the personal experiences of ourselves and our friends we observed that there is a huge gap existing between students and educational institutions, majorly during application and admission processes. It is difficult for students, especially for those living far from the city they wish to study in, to search for colleges, find out the fee structure and collect application forms. Cases of choosing the wrong college and getting cheated regarding fee structure can increase due to this. Through Admizz, we intend to address this gap with the help of technology. Through Admizz students can search and get admission into institutions and colleges in the easiest way!

Q: Who are the team members involved in the company?

A: We are quite a small team right now. Our team comprises of 4 members. I, Manish K Shah and Prashrya Rajbhandari have co-founded Admizz. We are the decision makers and we majorly take care of the operations in India and Nepal respectively. Mohammed Naved, the Director has been a major pillar driving ahead Admizz. Dhruva Sah takes care of all the marketing duties as the senior marketing manager. Other than these 4, we have recruited quite a few interns who have been contributing a lot for the product development and growth.

Q: What is the response of the market towards your application?

A: The idea has been appreciated and liked by various universities and schools in both India and Nepal. Numerous colleges have agreed to partner with us for their admission processes. While all this sounds really good, since our major market is the college admissions that happen during the month of April and May, we are yet to see the actual overall footfalls into the app. Nevertheless, the response from other categories have been good.

Q: What are the main issues you are facing? How do you plan to solve the issues?

A: We are on a mission to bridge the gap between students and admission processes. As of now many students and parents are still reluctant to try something new in the admission process although it makes the process easier. It takes time for people to confide in an app for this. While we consider ourselves to be moderately successful in making people recognize the brand Admizz through rigorous online promotions, we are yet to completely convince everyone to download it! This is possible only when we reach the right audience. To resolve this issue we have a huge list of offline marketing campaigns in mind, which we will be unveiling soon.

Q: What are your future plans about the application?

A: Once the application and admission processes are totally automated, we plan to provide educational institutions a chance to directly enter details and manage their college queries on the app. Further ahead in time we have plans to add a chat option to the app through which students willing to join an institute can directly connect with each other and discuss.

Q: Why would you suggest the students to use your application?

A: The major motive of our app is quite simple – making admissions easier. Be it schools or colleges or training institutions, we intend to save their time and energy during admission procedures. It is also easier to search for a college/institution based on the location, field and to find out the feedback about the college/institution directly. We would suggest the students to use our application to finalize about their college and admission in an easier way!


This application will certainly be able to solve the problems students face while searching for institutions. We hope the team best of luck.

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