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7 Important Things to Consider Before Boarding a Plane

Flying to a new place can be an exciting adventure, but at the same time, it can be a daunting experience for some, especially if you haven’t planned everything out. Preparing for air travel and preparing yourself beforehand can save you a lot of hassle and make your whole journey much smoother. Therefore, we have discussed a few important things that you should consider before booking a plane.

1. Recheck Flight Departure Date and Time

Before you leave for the airport, you should always recheck your flight departure date and time. These days, travelers are so overwhelmed by packing their bags and planning their trips that they forget to recheck their flight departure date and time. Most travelers realize the importance of rechecking flight departure dates and times after they arrive at the airport on the wrong date or miss the flight by just a few minutes. Therefore, once you are done with packing, you should recheck the flight departure date and time so that you don’t miss your flight and arrive at the airport on time.

2. Bring a Pen on an Overseas Flight

This is not something that many people will tell you but you should always have a pen with you while you are traveling overseas. While traveling to a foreign country, you will be required to fill out the immigration forms onboard and for this purpose, you will need a pen. Although the flight attendant can supply you with an extra pen, having to supply an extra pen to everyone onboard can be overwhelming. Therefore, always bring a pen onboard on an overseas flight.

3. Stay Updated About Your Flight

Stay updated about the real-time reports regarding your flight by checking the status of your flight on various apps and platforms. Relying only on your airline app can put you in a lot of confusion in case your flight gets delayed because airline apps are usually the last to know when things are going wrong or flights are delayed. Therefore, you should check the real-time status of your flight on multiple platforms.

4. Check-In Early

This is an advice that most people would give to you, always check in to your flight ahead of time. By checking in to your flight ahead of time, not only can you save time at the airport but also score a better seat on the airplane. Arriving late at the airport and checking up late can lead to delays and boarding issues and it is best that these issues are avoided.

5. Bring Entertainment Onboard

If you are going on a long-haul flight, make sure that you bring entertainment onboard. Long-haul flights can be quite tiring and overwhelming, but having various entertainment options that can keep you entertained and engaged can help the time onboard pass quickly.

Although most airlines offer in-flight entertainment options, you should always load your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with your favorite TV shows, movies, or songs that can keep you entertained. Alternatively, you can also bring your favorite novel or book that you have been wanting to read for months. Delta Airlines is even providing free WiFi on its flights but you should always have backup options available, just in case.

6. Check Your In-Flight WiFi Subscription

If you have bought a subscription to an in-flight WiFi service, make sure that you get to know about your in-flight subscription beforehand including the data cap, data limit, and maximum devices allowed. This will allow you to know the limits of your in-flight WiFi service beforehand so that you can manage and use your data accordingly. Also, precheck whether the aircraft you will be flying in has onboard WiFi service or not. If you are traveling on United Airlines, visit UnitedWiFi.com to learn more about your in-flight WiFi connection.

7. Charge Your Electronic Devices

Your electronic devices including your tablet, smartphone, and laptop are the key to making your flight more enjoyable and bearable. On these devices, you will be able to watch a good TV show/movie or play games to make the time fly by. Therefore, you should ensure that all of your electronic devices are fully charged before you board the planes and have power banks available to recharge the devices once they run out of juice. Some planes have USB power in their seats, but not all of them have and this is a risk that you shouldn’t take.

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