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Three Best Alternatives to YouTube Kids

Recently YouTube Kids came under heavy criticism as children were exposed to extremely violent and disturbing contents. Various reports claimed that disturbing footage on YouTube Kids appeared, prompting advertisers to abandon the site. After these allegations, YouTube announced its new countermeasures, which includes upgrading its surveillance teams to have more than 10,000 people in 2018 and acting swiftly to shut down inappropriate content.

YouTube Kids is a family-friendly app on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The app’s purpose is to provide a version of YouTube for younger kids, with parental control features and video filters. But lately, it seems the app has not been working as it should.

Thus after all of these accusations, if you want a proper YouTube Kids alternatives then we have got them right here!

youtube kids alternatives

YouTube Kids Alternatives

Hopster TV

Hopster TV is a safe and Ad-free Kids TV App that incorporates most of the kids’ favorite shows, songs, and learning games. This app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play. Furthermore, it is supposed to include more than 800+ kids TV episodes, curriculum-based learning games with no ads which you can watch offline anytime. Hopster TV is one of the best alternatives to YouTube Kids.

Note: Hopster is not available in all regions. Also, the contents are regional based.

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Kudos is a kid-driven social community. Much like Facebook and Instagram, it lets kids share pictures and interact with each other in a safe environment. The main mission of Kudos is to help young people realize their impact on the world. Thereby helping them to explore, learn and understand how to be positive and thrive in the ever-expanding universe of social media.

Kids can explore their interests, send comments, and react to their friends’ posts. Also, they can share photos and drawings with their friends. And to keep it safe the content moderators are on duty 24/7 to review shared photos, comments, and captions.

Kudos is not a streaming site like YouTube Kids but it is one of the good alternatives to YouTube Kids regarding its social interaction.

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Junior Tube

Junior Tube is a basket of hand-picked videos and contents for kids. Kids under 13 shouldn’t browse or watch videos online. Instead, videos handpicked by parents and curated from Facebook and YouTube should be allowed. This app also allows restricting videos according to age. Also, there are original videos created by the creators of videos for kids under 13.

Note: Junior Tube is only available in Apple Store.

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YouTube Kids is undoubtedly a sea of content for kids. And it is the best app considering its UI, performance, and availability. But, recently there were plenty of reports claiming suggestion of inappropriate contents to kids via the YouTube Kids application.

YouTube seems to be handling this situation pretty well as it is taking a new initiative to control such inappropriate contents. Therefore, if you want to keep on using YouTube Kids then make sure you’re keeping tight supervision over your kids. Or you can use any of these YouTube Kids alternatives.

So what do you think of the Youtube Kids? If there are any other YouTube Kids alternatives that you have been using or want to recommend us, then do mention it in the comments below.

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