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Your Comfy Life With Handheld Projectors

Portable projectors are perfect devices for presentations. You can also use them as an alternative to a television or computer monitor and have a bigger screen if you play games at Vulkan Vegas. Sometimes referred to as mini projectors, they come in handy as they do not take up a lot of bulk space.

However, deciding which one to buy can be a cumbersome experience. Today, we will show you the best options, among which you will be able to find your own favorite. It is always nice to help you select the best one for your needs.

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12

Epson is popular among people as a printer manufacturer. Many do not know that Epson is also a leading provider of projectors. The Mini EF12 is somewhat akin to a Smart TV. It supports video sources like Android TV and apps on Google Play Store and provides good audio.

Here is a summary of its pros:

  • The light source lasts long; you do not have to buy a new one anytime soon;
  • The native resolution is 1080p, but it can support 4K UHD;
  • There are no rainbow artifacts on the screen;
  • It comes with an integrated Android TV.

What’s nice about the projector is its WiFi connectivity. The portable projector also has two HDMI ports. Battery should not be an issue, as the projector has a plug.

Anker Nebula Solar

The Anker Nebula Solar is a truly portable projector. It is a small package, yes, but it packs a lot of features. For one, it has a battery that can outlast movies. As such, it is a projector that we recommend for movie buffs.

Here are the features:

  • Resolution is a native 1080p, but it can accept 4K;
  • It supports HDR-quality of videos;
  • The projector has WiFi;
  • Android TV 9 is already included or built-in.

The rated battery life of this projector is about 3 hours. That should be enough for most movies unless you watch something like the Justice League’s extended version.

As far as input goes, it has a USB Type-A port and can also read files from a USB stick. However, you must download an app from Google Play before it can read files. In addition to the USB-A, it also comes with a USB-C port, but this one is only for power or charging.

XGimi Halo Plus

This portable device looks like a speaker tower. It is one of those mini projectors you can easily lug around. Halo is an excellent contender in this list because of its high video quality.

Check out its advantages:

  • Native resolution is 1080p but can support 4K;
  • It has a built-in Android TV 10;
  • The ANSI lumens rating is 900, and it uses AC power.
    The issue you may have is that the Android TV does not include Netflix. You cannot download it, as it has no Google Play Store.
    Regarding input, it has a 3.5-mm stereo output and HDMI port, and it supports Bluetooth. If there is anything superior about this portable projector, we can say it is the audio. It has a 5-watt Harman Kardon speaker and support from Dolby Digital.


Optoma ML750e

This projector is best for people who want to make presentations with their mobile devices. Because of its intended purpose, it only offers 1080p resolution with no 4K display.

Here is the list of its strengths:

  • Can be hooked to mobile devices;
  • The lamp life is about 20,000 hours;
  • Highly compact projector.

Because of the design, you cannot tilt the projector, and it is a good idea to buy a tripod with it. It has a digital keystone correction if that is something that you need.

Although the Optoma is an excellent projector, we cannot say it would beat its full-sized competition. Nevertheless, portability is the key here. The Optoma is compact enough to carry. It is light and can connect with many types of mobile devices.

Take Your Time to Select Wisely!

Because of the sheer number of portable projectors, choosing the right one for you can be confusing. What we suggest is you identify what you will use it for. Although screen clarity is of utmost importance, there are other features that you have to take seriously into account, such as connectivity.

Once you have decided what you need it for, you can return to our list and see which is the best suited for you. Additionally, you can also check out new releases. The companies release new models each year, so you might as well review the new ones before making a purchase.

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