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PROJECT ZERO, A Fully Electric Motorcycle, Born and Breed by a Group of Nepali Engineers!

“नेपालीले चान्स पायो भने गर्छ!”

It’s one of the oldest and most popular proverbs in our community. While it is just super fun to say it at times, there comes a moment when it turns into a new reality.

Yatri Motorcycles is yet a new brand in the world of electric motorcycles. So, what’s different in comparison already established brands like NIU, Terra Motors among others? Well, it’s a Nepali brand! That’s right! Yatri Motorcycles is a legit Nepali motorcycle brand, based right on the capital city, Kathmandu.

yatri motorcycle

Built to reinvent urban mobility, Yatri brings forward something completely different, original and imaginative!

I am going to say it one more time, just to get the point across!

A group of Nepali entrepreneurs went ahead and created a fully functioning electric motorcycle called Project Zero. Basically, the name “Project Zero” signifies ZERO carbon emission. Honestly, both the name and the looks are futuristic enough to make Elon Musk jealous.

Yatri Project Zero: Overview

Project Zero is a fully electric motorcycle, born and breed by a group of Nepali Engineers! Yes, it is going to be a premium motorcycle, but it has everything needed to justify being on the “premium” segment.

Yatri Project Zero is powered by an electric motor that can generate a max power of 40HP! In comparison, the modern 300-400cc motorcycles don’t even come close to that performance numbers. Moreover, it gives out a reported mileage of 230km at full charge with a top speed of 120km/hr.

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Even more impressive, you can charge it with a DC charger, which gets it up to 80% in just 20minutes! However, if you don’t like fast-charging for some reason, you can opt for a normal charger. With a normal charger, you will get it to 80% in less than 2 hours. Again, very impressive despite being a normal charger. Furthermore, the team has promised 10 years of battery life.

Yatri Project Zero: Features

Let’s be honest here, everything aspect is kind of a brand-new feature.

Starting off, Project Zero features a retro café racer design, inspired by “Elegance in Motion”. Try to imagine a classic café racer, if it was futuristic and electric. Furthermore, it uses carbon fiber on top of the steel chassis. With few exceptions, everything is design and manufactured by the Yatri Team.

Moreover, it gets a 7-inch massive Full-HD instrument cluster powered by Yatri Hub. Obviously, it comes with standard aspects associated with an instrument cluster.

But it tries to take it up a notch! With that beautiful instrument cluster, you can get real-time navigation, vehicle performance tracking, and so much more!

Yatri Project Zero: What Do I Think?

Okay, I am about to step into a land mine… but bear with me.

Project Zero comes with a futuristic design. It’s an electric motorcycle neatly packed in a retro-café style body. Surely, it is impressive when one realizes that it is a Nepali product built from the ground up. Plus, the overall specs sound amazing!

Personally, I like everything about it! However, I think the design can be slightly improved.

Before you blast me with all the negative comments, just hear me out.

Okay, imagine buying Project Zero in March of 2020, right? Then, Yatri Project Zero price in Nepal might be Rs. 5-10 Lakhs, maybe even more.

Would you be willing to pay that much for an electric motorcycle?

Sure, some of you will. But, Nepali people are practical thinkers. So, they need practical of the product, which is the very definition of Project Zero! However, the design seems to be “made for” young demographics. In turn, it might alienate the rest of the people, who might want a Nepal-made e-Motorcycle without outlandish design.

Maybe I’m overthinking it, maybe I’m not. But I do hope they find a way to improve upon that design.

Honestly, they have nailed down the specs, now they have to nail down the design. With the right pricing, it might lead to unfathomable success. Who knows, it’s success might even act as a gateway to inspire more home-grown talented Nepali innovators and engineers.

Judging by all the interest around the product, everyone is eagerly waiting for March 2020. Hopefully, Yatri’s Project Zero gets all the recognition it deserves!

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