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Yamaha Nepal Revs Up for MotoGP Journey to Buddh Circuit India!


  • Nine Yamaha riders from Nepal are heading to India for the first-ever MotoGP event.
  • Riders will experience the MotoGP magic on September 23-24, 2023, at the Budhh Circuit in Noida.
  • Yamaha Nepal is grateful for fans’ enthusiasm and dedicated to boosting motorsport in Nepal.

Nine Yamaha riders from Nepal are embarking on a thrilling journey to witness the first-ever MotoGP event in India.

Yamaha Nepal Ride to MotoGP
Yamaha Nepal Ride to MotoGP

This exciting racing event will take place on September 23-24, 2023, at Budhh Circuit in Noida, giving Yamaha riders a chance to experience the thrilling action firsthand!

After witnessing the MotoGP event, the riders will conclude their epic adventure after heading back to Kathmandu on September 27, 2023

Yamaha Nepal is fostering a racing culture by supporting events and giving Yamaha owners the chance to witness MotoGP live. It celebrates the passion of riders and showcases the impressive performance of Yamaha motorcycles.

We had tremendous participation in the ‘Yamaha Ride to MotoGP’. We would like to thank every Yamaha fanatic for their overwhelming interest and passion for the ride. However, we had limited seats and hence had to select only 8. This is just a start; Yamaha Nepal understands and values the passion of our youths. We are rigorously working to uplift motorsport in Nepal.”

Mr. Raju Chettri, CEO of MAW Enterprises Two-Wheeler Division

Sangram Pudasaini, Suresh GC, Michael Thapa, Rupesh Pandit, Rajkumar Kushwaha, Arjeet Maharjan, Rajkumar Karki, Tara Khadka, and Marshal Pramod Shrestha are featured in this expedition.

MotoGP is a prestigious motorcycle racing championship with top riders and cutting-edge machines. Yamaha leads the MotoGP experience with its rich racing heritage.

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