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Xiaomi Super Weekend Sale – Big Discounts on Xiaomi Accessories! [Deals]

As Dashain approaches, Mobile companies, Auto companies, Cloth shops, everyone starts giving out deals to people. One such scheme from Xiaomi is here. It is not Dashain specific though. It is a 3 day deal on Xiaomi accessories and it is being called the Super Weekend sale that starts from today and will last until Sept 16. So, if you want to buy something made by Xiaomi, grab it by the weekend; it will save you some cash.

super weekend sale

Contrary to many people’s belief, Xiaomi doesn’t only sell smartphones. It also makes accessories ranging from suitcases to slippers. If you are astonished by this fact, check this massager which is also available in a deal. This ‘Super Weekend Sale’ only applies to accessories from Xiaomi, not their phones.

Even though Xiaomi says accessories, it is discounting its Mi Notebook Air which is now available for Rs. 66,999 instead of its original price of Rs. 76,999.

Other sweet deals available are:

These are only some of the available deals, the ‘Super-Weekend Sale’ is far-reaching. Not only can you order these devices online, you can also buy it through Mi Stores all over Nepal. Happy Shopping!

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