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Xbox One X: The New Console King?

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Xbox has always been inferior to PlayStations. It always had less specifications than that of PlayStations. But now things have changed after Microsoft released its new generation of Xbox, initially named Project Scorpio, The XBOX ONE X!

Six freaking teraflops of GPU power. The current “King” the PS4 Pro has 4.12 teraflops of GPU power. Though that doesn’t exactly convert directly to the game-play, it makes a huge difference in the overall gaming experience.

So, how good is the new Xbox One X exactly?

Xbox One X is rocking an 8-core CPU that is clocked at 2.3 GHz and an AMD GPU with 12 Gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, with 326GB/s memory bandwidth compared to 218GB/s on the PS4 Pro. This might seem like a low speced machine for a PC gamer, but you must deal with it because this where we stand for console gaming.

Microsoft announced that the new Xbox One X will be able to handle several games at 4K. Now this is where things get interesting. Until now, those consoles which delivered 4K gaming experience, weren’t real 4K gaming. Those were the upscaled version of 1080p gaming. Meaning, the game runs at 1080p resolution but the graphics processor quadruples the pixels and delivers it to the screen in 2160p resolution.

But now the Xbox One X changes all of this and delivers full 4K immersive gaming experience. Though, Microsoft announced only a few games that that would run at full 4K, we will soon be getting patches for the games and they too will run at 4K. It is a console after all so we cannot be expecting all the games to run at 4K in 60 fps, unless you severely dial back the settings to its lowest. Doesn’t matter if you cannot play the game in 4K. The more powerful GPU will give you a better gaming experience whatsoever.

All the nerdy spec charts aside, what additional real world features will I get if I upgrade to the Xbox One X?

All of this coming from Microsoft directly, they claim that you will get smoother gameplay. A faster CPU will allow you to play your games without any hiccups. More memory enables the game to load bigger worlds and further horizons. The faster memory bandwidth allows faster load times in games.

And again, a six teraflop GPU enables 4K environments and characters to become more realistic than ever, with more detail and smoother animations. Will Microsoft be able to deliver all of this? Probably, yes. But we will have to find that out, after Microsoft releases it worldwide on November 7. As far as the pricing goes, it comes with a sticker of $500 compared to that of the Xbox One which has a price tag of $250. You are definitely paying premium for all the extra features you get.

Xbox One X in Nepal

Though the console gaming community is small in Nepal, the release of the new Xbox One X has been exiting for those who actually care. Despite the release date of November 7, the Xbox One X will likely arrive in Nepal in Late December looking at the trend. Also, due to the addition of VAT, the Xbox will be costing around NRS 65000.

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