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WorldLink Selects Juniper Networks to Power Nepal’s Networking Transformation

WorldLink leveraging Juniper Networks has been working to handle the networking constraints and hurdles in the growing market of Nepal. Since 2014, the customer based of WorldLink has doubled each year; the numbers not only contributed to by Kathmandu valley but also by other cities and towns in the country. The partnership aimed to ensure the stability of WorldLink’s network.

The internet penetration has grown rapidly in Nepal. Back in 2011, the Internet penetration level was only around 10%, which has now grown to 50%. The numbers have a huge amount of contribution from the mobile internet as the fixed broadband penetration is only at 12% still.

Samit Jana, CTO of WorldLink said that their partnership with Juniper Networks played a significant role in the steady increase of fixed broadband penetration across Nepal. Juniper’s high tech had also made connectivity possible at an affordable rate. WorldLink has joined the list of the world’s leading internet service providers rolling out 100 GbE deployments. Since Nepal is a developing country and still has the potential to grow, WorldLink is working to provide a stable network.

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