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WordPress 4.7 Now Translated 100% into Nepali

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After WordPress 4.0, WordPress 4.7 has now been translated 100% into Nepali. Nilambar Sharma, GTE of the Nepali Polyglots team made the announcement of this milestone on May 18 via a post on WordPress.org.

Nilambar Sharma in the WordPress meetup of July 2016 gave a presentation on “Wordpress in Nepali…Returns”. There he stated the need to translate WordPress into Nepali. WordPress 4.0 had been translated 100% into Nepali but after that, the number of contributors decreased gradually. Sharma added that translating WordPress in Nepali will generate a feeling of “ours” and will extend the reach of WordPress to more Nepali markets and users, opening many doors of opportunities.

So, in an aim to get this done, Sharma and his team started the work on Nepali translations. They conducted various weekly meetups and Nepali Translation day through the past year. Converting WordPress to Nepali requires a lot of work; most of which must be done manually. It also requires having an understanding of both languages and good knowledge of WordPress. Sharma and team are ready for the upcoming WordPress 4.8.

Edited by – Prabina Neupane

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