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Code for Nepal and TECHRISE Announces “Women in Tech Scholarship”

Women and Technology have not been able to sink together as much as it should be in our country. Though a lot of efforts have been made lately, in forms of different seminars, workshops, we still have a long way to go. There are different organizations who have been trying to reduce the gap between women and technology. Code for Nepal being one of the organization has come up with a new initiative named “Women in Tech Scholarship“.

women in tech scholarshipWomen in Tech Scholarship is a joint initiative of Code for Nepal and TECHRISE, to equip women with advanced web development skills. They have planned to provide an 8-week web development training program to 25 tech-enthusiast women. Each participant will be provided a scholarship of worth $100. Through this program, participants will be able to interact with mentors and also connect with other aiming developers.

The program is set to be conducted in 5 batches, each batch containing 5 students.

Code for Nepal has started accepting applications for the program since early February. Applicants do not require to have any prior knowledge of programming but, a fluent understanding of how to use a computer is required.

The basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by the applicants are as follows:
1) Applicants must have their own computers/laptops.
2) Must be able to read English.
3) Applicants should be able to devote approximately 15 hours a week on the program.

The initiative of Code for Nepal is commendable. It will really help the women who are enthusiastic about learning web development but have not been able to get professional help due to their financial condition.

I would encourage all the interested participants to apply for this program. Meanwhile, do visit Code for Nepal website and its Facebook profile for further information.

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