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Why Should You Choose Cloud Hosting for Mobile Apps?

Hosting is a service on which applications and websites run and makes websites and applications accessible on the internet. All the websites, platforms, or applications that you access on the internet are hosted somewhere on the internet. Developers and programmers do all the backend work, connect the necessary components, and then upload them to a server, which makes the app or website accessible to everyone on the internet.

There are various types of hosting available including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Cloud hosting. All of these hosting have their own pros and cons but currently, the most widely used type of hosting is cloud hosting. If you are looking to choose a hosting for your mobile app, cloud hosting might be your best choice in the start and the reasons below will explain why you should choose cloud hosting for mobile apps.

Improved and Better Performance

The performance of an app hosted on cloud servers is better than traditional hosting because cloud servers offer better speed, connectivity, and server uptimes, even during peak times when used influx is very high. This leads to much better app performance and responsiveness, which ultimately leads to better user experience.

In addition, cloud-based hosting is spread across various cloud servers from around the globe, which makes the speed and responsiveness of cloud hosting far better than traditional hosting. For popular Android and iOS apps that have users from around the world, cloud servers simply provide much better performance.


You might have heard about the scalability of cloud website hosting and the same scalability is available for mobile apps. This is a distinctive feature of cloud hosting that allows you to upscale your server resources at any time you want to. Whether you have a small and simple app for users in your locality or a popular global app like the free WinZo app with thousands of users across the globe, the scalability of cloud hosting makes it so much easier to handle increased user influx. Plus, the scalability of the cloud is cost-effective meaning that you only pay for the resources that you use.


The multi-tenancy feature of cloud hosting makes it a superior choice compared to other types of hosting. Mobile apps always need a server with multi-tenancy capabilities that can cater to the needs of multiple users without a dip in performance, speed, or responsiveness.
Cloud servers have the ability to support multiple users simultaneously without a dip in performance, as they are built with multi-tenancy in mind.

This gives cloud servers an edge, as they can meet the demands of multiple users simultaneously without a dip in performance or speed. In contrast, the service and responsiveness of traditional hosting tend to be quite slow, especially if multiple clients or users are accessing the data at the same time, and handling multiple clients on traditional servers can become quite expensive.

Backup and Security

When you choose cloud hosting, the data is stored across multiple servers on the cloud meaning that there are multiple copies of data available across different servers. This means that there are fewer chances of data loss in case things go down south and you can always recover your data with little to no data loss. Plus, cloud servers are equipped with robust security features and protocols to keep the data protected.

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