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Vivotine Photography Contest: Chance to Win Rs. 30,000 Worth Prize and More This Valentine’s Day

Vivo, a technology brand known for its smartphones, announced a photography contest on February 5, 2022, named “vivotine photography contest”, to celebrate Valentine’s Week 2022.

Vivotine Photography Contest

In addition, the company is also running another promotional offer on the purchase of Vivo‘s V and Y series smartphones.

Vivotine Photography Contest

The photography contest starts on February 6 and ends on February 14. During the 8-day contest, Vivo users can upload photos on Facebook taken from a Vivo phone to participate to win different prizes.

“We believe in superior customer experience at all times. We at vivo are working to provide the best through technological innovation, latest designs, and attractive offers and contests for our beloved customers. The brand has always prioritized consumer demands and is thrilled to announce ‘vivotine photography contest’ in Nepal.

The campaign will highlight the talent, cherish bonds and love among people which will further the brand closer to its customers to uphold trust, love, and loyalty. Guided by the Benfen philosophy, vivo is always on the lookout for ways to engage with its users and provide gifts as a sign of appreciation.”

—Piyush Giri, Brand Manager of Vivo Nepal

On February 15, Vivo will announce 9 winners based on likes, shares, comments, and the beautifulness of the images. The first 5 winners will get Sound Core Rave Party Cast Speaker worth Rs. 30,000 each. The 6th winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 6,500, 7th winner will get Rs. 4,500, 8th winner will get Rs. 2,500 and 9th winner will receive an amount of Rs. 1,500.

“It is a great initiative by my favorite brand, vivo. ‘vivotine photography contest’ is a testament of the company’s commitment to meeting customer demands and celebrating them at any given occasion. I’m so excited to see unique displays of love while also winning great prizes. This is a special campaign and hope it will be memorable for all our vivo users.”

—Pradeep Khadka, actor and filmmaker

Conditions to participate

Only those who upload the photo on Facebook taken from Vivo’s Y series, V series, or S series are able to participate in the Vivotine Photography Contest. The photo should also mandatorily include a Vivo watermark.

When uploading, participants must include a caption with the image description and significance. Moreover, participants must follow Vivo Nepal, tag Vivo Nepal in the post with hashtags #vivotineday #vivoMoments #vivoNepal and share the link of the post on Vivo’s official post on the contest.

Discount Voucher and Chance to Win Gifts

Vivo is also running another promotional offer on the purchase of Vivo’s V series smartphones. Customers who buy any Vivo V series smartphone from an authorized Vivo store in Nepal between February 6 and February 14 will get a discount voucher of Rs. 2,000.

If you buy a V-series smartphone again before February 28, you can use this voucher to get a discount of Rs. 2,000.

Additionally, customers who purchase a Vivo V series phone worth more than Rs. 25,000 can enter a lucky draw to win a Vivo TSW 2e earbud. Those who buy a Vivo V series phone for less than Rs. 25,000 can be part of a lucky draw to win a smartphone mount.

Vivo is giving a TWS 2e earbud to 50 lucky winners and a smartphone mount to 300 lucky winners. The winners will be announced on Vivo Nepal’s official Facebook page.

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