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Vivo Apex 2019: No Ports, No Buttons, is Here in Nepal, But You Won’t be Able to Buy It

Vivo Apex, Vivo’s name for the crazy concept phones that it puts out every year starting from 2018, is here in Nepal. This phone is so futuristic that it puts every other concept smartphone in the market to shame.

Vivo Apex 2019 @ Media Launch Event in Royal Singi Hotel, Kathmandu

But don’t let the tech enthusiast in you drool at the thought of using this phone. Why? Because this phone is not coming to Nepal anytime soon. As of now, Vivo Nepal is just showing off with this phone, Vivo Apex 2019, to media personnel in Nepal (media launch only). However, it’s worth talking about the Vivo Apex because it is an exciting phone and it shows what is yet to come for smartphones in the future.

Vivo Apex 2019 Features

First of all, the main feature of this phone, for me, is that its completely smooth. What am I talking about? I am saying that there’re no bumps around the shell of the phone. To put it more simply, there’re no buttons. And there are no ports. How do you turn the phone on then? How do you charge this bloody device?

The phone feels smooth

There are capacitive buttons on the right side of this phone that act as a power button and volume rocker. This phone is charged via magnetic clip technology like the MagSafe. There are places where magnetic pins go at the back of the phone. Even the rear cameras stay flushed. There is not bump anywhere.

No Notch, no cutout

When you first boot up the phone, you can see how beautiful Vivo Apex is. It is nearly just screen at the front. There’s no notch, no cutout. There’s a small vestigial chin at the bottom that you barely notice This is the closest that we’ve come to the all-screen phone. But Vivo had to make one compromise to get this design. There’s no front-facing camera here. There’s no pop-up camera either. Vivo didn’t include a front camera at all. That’s why this phone is called a concept phone; it is not a proper finished product yet.

Our first experience with Vivo Apex 2019

There’s one other cool feature about the front of the device. The whole screen acts as a fingerprint sensor. Yes. You can touch anywhere on the screen and it will magically unlock your phone. It looks super cool in videos.

Sound from the Screen

Another unique aspect of the phone is its speakers. There is no speaker grill anywhere around the phone, so the sound comes out of the screen. The screen vibrates to let the sound through and the sound quality is surprisingly not bad. It’s good enough for casual music listening and YouTube Videos. Inside, Vivo Apex packs Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB RAM, and 5G capability.

As this is a concept phone, don’t expect this phone to hit the market anytime soon. However, Vivo might release Vivo Nex 2019 that will incorporate many features found on the Vivo Apex 2019. But until that phone releases, we can just watch and dream about the future where we can really get a phone like this in our hands.

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