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Visit Nepal 2020 Official Website Unveiled: Have You Checked It Yet?

Visit Nepal Year 2020 (VNY 2020) is just 3 months away. And the hype to make it one of the most successful tourism years of all time is on. Nepal Tourism Authority (NTA) recently unveiled the official website for tourism year 2020 and it is straightforward gorgeous.

Along with the website, social media platforms and an online news portal were introduced simultaneously to promote Visit Nepal 2020 even further. Here is the link to the VNY 2020 website, click here. Minister of culture, tourism and civil aviation (MoCTA), Yogesh Bhattarai launched VNY 2020 website earlier week.

VNY 2020 Website @ Experiences

The platforms were unveiled by the help of secretary at MoCTA, Kedar Bahadur Adhikari, Governor of Province 3 Anuradha Koirala, industrialist Suraj Vaidya, national coordinator of VNY 2020 Yogendra Shakya, Miss Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha and ultra-trail runner Mira Rai.

As per the reports, the minister confirmed that the government along with NTA and VNY secretariat are working effectively to make VNY a success. Moreover, the Minister has also requested each tourism entrepreneur and the public to use digital platform to promote tourism in Nepal.

Their official website is as I mentioned earlier, a thing of beauty. It clearly represents everything that this tourism year is all about. It has sections that exactly describes the key aspects of Nepal as a whole. There’re sections that narrates the experiences that one can encounter when visiting Nepal. Just reading between the lines immerses you deep into the unknown wilderness which is something that I really enjoyed.

VNY 2020 Website @ Special Events

In addition, the website also lists various major events for the upcoming VNY. And a news room that constantly keeps you updated about tourism in Nepal.

Separately, VYN secretariat has also announced a news room website which updates constant change in the VYN scenario. And by the way, there’s also a social media platform that promotes each and every remote aspect of Nepal.

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