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For Rs. 800 per Month, Vianet Mini Pack 75Mbps Now Comes with ViaTV

Vianet Communications, one of the popular ISPs in Nepal, has launched a new combo offer that includes 75Mbps internet and ViaTV for Rs. 9,600 per year (without VAT) under its “Mini Pack” offer.

Vianet Mini Pack now with ViaTV
Vianet Mini Pack now with ViaTV

Previously, the Mini Pack internet package, launched in December 2021, only offered the option to get 75Mbps internet speed with an Ncell SIM and 4GB of mobile data per month for the subscription period.

With this new offer, users can now choose a ViaTV subscription over an Ncell SIM and mobile data at the same price.

Compared to Vianet’s Ultra-Fi Internet Package, this Mini Pack is a more affordable plan, costing Rs. 800 per month (without VAT). However, the said price per month is only effective on a yearly subscription.

Vianet Mini Pack and Prices

The Vianet Mini internet pack is only available on a yearly subscription. With the internet, users can choose to get either Ncell SIM and mobile data or a ViaTV subscription.

Vianet Mini Pack 75Mbps
Vianet Mini Pack 75Mbps

Both the subscription costs Rs. 10,848 (with 13% VAT).

Vianet Mini Pack 75Mbps + (ViaTV or Ncell SIM)
12 Months Rs. 9600 (without VAT)
12 Months Rs. 10848 (with 13% VAT)

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One-Time Installation Charges

For a new customer, Vianet charges an additional Rs. 500 as a deposit for the fiber Wi-Fi device. However, Vianet does not charge any extra for the installation of the internet.

Users can also choose to get a Dual Band ONU device, which costs an extra Rs. 1,000.

For ViaTV users, the primary set-top box (STB) is included at no additional cost. However, an additional Rs. 500 is required as a deposit on the STB. The Vianet Mini internet pack only includes one ViaTV subscription.

If more than one ViaTV is required in this package, the user must pay Rs. 200 per month for each additional package. Additionally, Vianet charges an activation fee of Rs. 2,000 and a deposit of Rs. 500 for each additional set-top box.

For Internet 12 Months
Internet Installation Charge with Single Band Fiber Wi-Fi Device Free
Dual-Band ONU Upgrade Charge (Optional) Rs. 1000
Fiber Wi-Fi Device Deposit Rs. 500
For ViaTV 12 Months
STB Activation (Primary) Free
STB Deposit Rs. 1000
Secondary STB Activation Rs. 2000
STB Deposit Rs. 500

Ncell SIM Details

Vianet is giving a free Ncell SIM card to the Mini Pack users who choose the SIM card over ViaTV. Previously, the SIM card offer was only available with the Vianet Purple Pack, which was introduced in August 2021.

Vianet Mini Pack 75 Mbps with Ncell SIM
Vianet Mini Pack 75 Mbps with Ncell SIM

The SIM card comes with 4GB mobile data per month for 12 months—totalling 48GB mobile data in a year, 50 minutes free Ncell to Ncell voice call per month for 12 months, and 50 free Ncell to Ncell SMS per month for 12 months.

In addition, free 1GB mobile data and free 50 minutes call is provided to use the Vianet Mobile app and to call Vianet call centre, respectively. However, a free call to Vianet Call Centre is applicable for the number 9801046410 only.

Ncell Offers Details Data Volume / Voice Pack
Mobile Date 4GB per month (Total 48GB in a year)
Mobile Data using Vianet Mobile app 1GB per month
Voice (Ncell-Ncell) 50 min per month
Call to Vianet Call Centre (9801046410 only) 50 min per month
SMS (Ncell-Ncell) 50 per month

FUP or Data Cap of Vianet Mini Pack

Under Vianet’s Fair Usage Policy, the internet speed is throttled after the usage of more than 450GB in an English month.

Date user per English Month Speed
Up to 450 GB 75 Mbps
450 GB – 550 GB 45 Mbps
550 GB – 600 GB 23 Mbps
Above 600 GB 5 Mbps Unlimited

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What are your thoughts on Vianet Mini Pack? Would you install it in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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