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Unleash the Exciting Features of an Online Creative Suite

Making professional-level edits to your videos and photos is crucial to make them stand out and go viral. You can’t make progress over the internet without creating stunning photos and videos, especially if you are a content creator. In today’s competitive world, it’s really difficult to create winning content to beat the competition. However, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the digital world has made things much easier.

The use of an AI-based creative suite can powerfully spark your creativity while opening new opportunities for you. It offers all the editing features in one space for outstanding editing of your photos and videos. With lots of inspiring themes, templates, tools, and collaboration, it makes unachievable goals easily achievable now. You must be curious to know how you can use it to earn greater profits by transforming your artwork. Before heading towards learning to use it, dig deeper into its exciting features first.

Exciting Features of An Online Creative Suite

An online creative suite makes you touch the horizons of success by dramatically transforming your artwork. It allows you to not only transform your ordinary photos or videos but also access personal or commercial templates. Just like you amaze yourself by converting text to speech, it will amaze you through a variety of features. Want to know what are these features or how you can benefit from this online creative suite? Look at the following features and benefits of using it!

Creates Videos That Go Viral

This incredible online creative suite allows you to create powerful videos that go viral in one night. Being online makes it one of the lightest editors for your system which never hangs or heats up due to it. However, it is the most powerful one when it comes to editing videos beyond expectations. You can use the online video editor in this creative suite to transform your videos into impressive masterpieces.

For example, you can add real-time auto-captions to your videos by using this editor. It won’t take hours of effort but needs just one command to get this job done by AI. To further boost the engagement of your videos, it allows you to add music and sound effects to your videos. Not only one video, you can mix and match multiple videos into one track using it.

Besides this, it also supports cropping your videos, splitting them, trimming, and resizing them as per your needs. Moreover, you can also add filters to your videos along with adding effects, transitions, and other elements. As a result of applying all these features, you can take your videos to the next level of success!

Professional-level Image Editing

The online image editor in this creative suite works like magic in transforming your photos. You will find here an extensive variety of designs and templates that you can use to transform your images. You can choose the best colors for your photos by optimizing the colors and generating the best color palettes. Don’t know how to play with the photo colors to make them stand out and speak for themselves?

No need to worry about it as the AI algorithms here will do this job for you with one click.

Similarly, you can remove or change the background of your photos using this amazing editor. You can also resize your photo to any custom size such as as per the size of your Facebook cover.

Besides this, it also allows you to describe your photos using text effects and use shapes and stickers. You can also add filters and effects to the whole photo to add more glamour to it. There are also several interactive frames to add to your photos and make them look aesthetically beautiful.

Personal and Commercial Templates

No matter whether you need to edit a personal photo or want a commercial template, this creative suite includes everything. The best thing about it is that there are no charges for using its commercial templates. You can simply scroll through a variety of impressive templates and choose the one you like the most. Save your time by using these free but professional templates to showcase your creativity to the world.

Simplify Workflow Through AI Technology

Another impressive feature of using this online creative suite is that it simplifies all the complex workflow. It does so by integrating AI technology into its tools that automate all the editing processes. All you need to do is to decide which edit you want to make to your photos and click on it. The AI algorithms working at the backstage of this tool would instantly perform the required changes to your work.

Creative Cloud and Team Collaboration

A unique feature of this creative suite is that it comes with cloud backup and team management options. It allows you to invite people to this space and work in collaboration with each other. Similarly, it also allows you to manage your files and directly synchronize them with your device. You can also share your photos or videos here for presentation or for reviewing purposes.

Fully Safe and Secure

Many times, people are concerned for the safety and security of their files while using an online editor. So, this creative suite comes with higher-level privacy protection for all your data, photos, videos, or files. It never misuses or shares your confidential data with any third-party agents. So, you can use it confidently to perform all types of editing work.

No Watermarks

No matter how many photos and videos you create, edit, or download from it, all of them will be watermark-free. Yes, it embeds no watermarks to your files which makes it the best editor for personal and professional level editing jobs.
Available Online

Last but not least, it is available online so that anyone can easily approach it whenever he needs it. Being online also makes it more suitable for official use to instantly collaborate and share work with each other. Moreover, being online makes it easier for all to access this tool anywhere and at any time they want.

How to Use Online Creative Suite?

To use this amazing online creative suite by CapCut, follow these steps:

Step 1: Signup

First of all, visit the CapCut Creative Suite official page at https://www.capcut.com/creative-suite. CapCut won’t ask you to add your credit card or bank account details. Simply sign up and log in to start using the creative suite.

Step 2: Upload

Click on the “Upload” button. Now, drag and drop your photo/video here or manually upload it from your Google Drive or Cloud.

Step 3: Edit

Make any edits to your videos or photos that you want. You can resize them, change the background, add filters, text effects, stickers, frames, etc. You can also add transcript labels to your videos. Try out several features of this incredible editor to make your work stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Export

Now, click on the export to download your video to your device. You may also share it as a presentation or share it for review.


What’s better than using an all-in-one editor to make your polish your work and make it shine? Let’s try using the online creative suite by CapCut and showcase your outstanding editing skills to the world. Transform your videos and photos using this online editor and surprise others with dramatic results.

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