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Ultima Watch Magic Pro Review: Great Value for Money


  • IP68 rated
  • Metal frame
  • Bright display
  • Decent measurements


  • Poor battery life

Ultima started in 2011 and is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in Nepal. Their catalogue of products contains earbuds, speakers powerbanks, and other mobile accessories. Their mission has been to make electronics affordable and accessible to the residents of Nepal. Well, let’s see how their Ultima Watch Magic Pro performs with respect to their claims.

Ultima Watch Magic Pro
Ultima Watch Magic Pro

Howdy, we’ve been using this smartwatch for almost a week now, and having tested it, we’re bringing you this review article to help you decide whether you should invest your money in this product or not. Let’s get started with the specifications below.

Ultima Watch Magic Pro Specifications

  • Body: 43.8 x 36 x 10.5 mm, 45.7 g
  • Build: Zinc alloy metal, IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1m for 30 min)
  • Display: 1.96 inches IPS LCD, 320 x 386 pixels, 500 nits (typ.)
  • Processor: Realtek (unspecified model)
  • Memory: Unspecified
  • Wrist Strap: Detachable silicone strap, adjustable 155–235mm, 22mm width
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • OS: Unspecified
  • Battery Capacity: 230mAh
  • Charging Type: Magnetic pogo pin
  • Sensors: Heart rate, SpO2, accelerometer
  • GNSS: N/A
  • Speaker: Yes

Ultima Watch Magic Pro Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,999

Ultima Watch Magic Pro Review


  • IP68
  • Detachable straps
  • Zinc Alloy metal frame
Design ultima watch magic pro

The Watch Magic Pro features an IP68 rating and a metal frame. The watch looks and feels premium with the smooth finish on the Zinc alloy metal frame and the IP68 rating means the watch is protected from dust and will not be affected by constant immersion in water. Oh yeah, there’s also a “Clean speaker” option that vibrates the speaker grill to release the water that may be stuck there. Pretty neat.

It features removable straps and is very light, weighing around 45 grams. The silicon wrist strap with 2 loopholes was comfortable to wear. When you flip the watch over, you’ll see that it’s made from plastic which was expected.

The build on the underside is not the best but it’s passable. You’ll also notice that the straps are removable and the connectors are the standard quick-release type you find on all budget smartwatches.

One surprising thing was the functionality of the rotating crown. Most budget smartwatches don’t have a working crown but the Magic Pro has done it. If you rotate it on the home screen you’ll cycle through the different watch faces and if you use it on the menu, you’ll cycle through the various options on the watch. 

Pressing the crown will turn the display on/off when you are on the home screen or you can use it to return to the home screen when you are in another menu option.

Also, this smartwatch actually supports Bluetooth calling and as such, you’ll find the microphone and the speakers on the sides where the bottom of the watch meets the frame. We’ll discuss the quality of the calls later on.


  • 1.96″ IPS LCD
  • 320 x 386 pixels
  • 500nits

Let’s talk about that display. It’s a pretty large 1.96-inch LCD with a resolution of 320*386 pixels. The display can reach 500nits of brightness, as claimed by Ultima.

Those were the technical details, in real-life usage the display is bright and is easily readable even under direct sunlight which was very handy during our commute hours.

There is no auto-brightness so if you’re switching from indoors to outdoor conditions or vice versa, you have to manually adjust the brightness slider but it was quite easy to do as the brightness setting is quickly accessible and the minimum brightness level was decent in sunny environments.

It’s not the sharpest display we’ve seen but it’s sharp enough that you don’t see pixelation on the text which is pretty good for a screen this size.

Now it doesn’t support a high refresh rate or anything but the watch felt pretty smooth, the touch response could be better, however. It sometimes didn’t register touches or scrolls. But it was still quite solid during our usage.

The bezels are also on the thinner side, relatively that is. It is a budget watch so it’s understandable for them to not be super slim but those bezels do take away from the otherwise premium look of the watch. It’s not as noticeable once you get used to it but yeah, they definitely are there.


During our time with the watch for around a week, there was only one instance of the watch slowing down. It was on the home screen where the seconds needle froze for 2 or so seconds. Otherwise, it’s been going great. 

The UI is not the smoothest but it’s also not jittery. It gets the job done and the watch is pretty smooth in all menus and measurement options. 

Overall, we’re pretty satisfied with the performance.

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Health Tracking and Features

  • Heart Rate
  • SpO2
  • Sleep tracking
  • Stress
Features Ultima watch magic pro

The watch has some basic health tracking available. You get the standard heart rate monitor, BP monitor, and SpO2 measurement. Along with it, the watch features a Stress monitor that tracks the level of stress throughout the day. 

The measurements themselves were somewhat accurate. Now it’s not medical grade by any means and SHOULD NOT be used for medical purposes as well. 

The watch features lots of exercises including water sports and dances as well. Most of them do the same thing of measuring heart rate, steps, and calories burned. 

You also get an inbuilt game in the watch called 2048. We still have no idea how to play this game. 

Moving on, for female users, you get Cycle tracking with the watch that helps you keep track of your body.

These are all pretty standard features you get on almost all budget smartwatches. Let’s talk about the calling function. The speaker gets loud and the microphone is pretty good. During our call, the receiver told us they could hear our voice clearly despite us being on the road with vehicles passing by. 

One disappointing thing about the watch was the vibration motor. You can set it to two options: Soft and strong. Both were disappointing really. The soft option would barely even vibrate and the strong option was kinda weak. Even when sitting in a room and just working, the vibrations in the “Strong” mode were so “soft” it confused us as to whether the watch actually vibrated or not. This was especially frustrating with alarms as it would take a while before we realized the alarm had started.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh yeah, we also tried taking measurements by placing the watch on a table, the English language aside, it does a pretty good job at detecting that the watch is not being worn. Ultima is probably using some sort of sensor that tells the watch it’s not being worn. A good feature that will help conserve battery life. 

Sleep Tracking

Now the sleep tracking of this watch was very surprising. The watch got the sleep schedule pretty much bang on. The “Fell asleep” can be off by a few minutes sometimes but the “Woke up” time was always spot on.

Furthermore, it ranks your sleep by dividing it into sleep stages like Light, Deep, and REM and gives you a sleep score. It also provides stats that you can compare with other users to see if you’re sleep schedule is okay or not compared to the average.


  • 230mAh battery

So we fully charged the watch at 9 PM on Sept 28. Wore it, went to bed, and at around 5 PM the next day, the watch was down to 60% of charge. We continued using the watch just like a general consumer would and the battery reached 10% at 9 AM on 1st Oct. 

Overall, the battery life was pretty average. You can expect about 3 days worth of usage on a single charge.

Now our settings were on the aggressive side with everything from drink water reminders to movement reminders turned on along with heartrate measurements being made every 5 minutes. While these settings do justify a higher battery drain, we’ve used the same or at least similar settings on other watches of the same price segment and they managed far better numbers.

For charging, the watch took a bit over an hour when plugged into a 33W charger with the charging cable that was provided in the box.

So that was our review of the Ultima Watch Magic Pro? How’d you like that? Let us know in the comments below!

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