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bOAT Storm Call Review: Budget Smartwatch with Calling Feature!


  • Metal frame
  • IP68 rated
  • Calling function


  • Inaccurate readings
boat storm call
bOAT Storm Call

bOAT is an Indian company that started in 2014. They specialize in making truly wireless and earwear products but have also launched some smartwatches in Nepal we’re gonna talk about one of them: The bOAT Storm Call smartwatch in this article.

Howdy, we’ve been using this smartwatch for a while now, and having tested it, we’re bringing you this review article to help you decide whether you should invest your money in this product or not. Let’s get started with the specifications below.

bOAT Storm Call Specifications

  • Body: – mm, 45 g, IP68 rated
  • Build: Metal frame, plastic back
  • Display: 1.69-inch LCD, 550 nits (max)
  • Processor: Unspecified
  • Memory: Unspecified
  • Wrist Strap: Detachable silicone strap, – mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • OS: –
  • Battery Capacity: 220 mAh, up to 7 days (typ, advertised)
  • Charging Type: Magnetic charging thimble
  • Sensors: Heart rate, SpO2
  • GNSS: N/A
  • Speaker: Yes

bOAT Storm Call Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,499

bOAT Storm Call Review


  • Metal frame
  • IP68
  • Detachable straps
storm call

The design of the smartwatch is quite standard. The back of the smartwatch is made up of plastic but the frame itself is made from metal which gives it a more premium feel. The straps are detachable and made from silicone. You also get a wheel/button at the side of the watch which can be used to turn the display on/off. Scrolling the wheel didn’t seem to do anything really. 

The Storm Call has a standard design with a metal frame and button. The straps are detachable and the overall smartwatch feels decent for the price. 

The smartwatch comes with an IP68 rating meaning it is protected against dust and continuous submission under water. For the calling function, there is a speaker on the left side of the watch which gets decently loud and is pretty clear during calls. The microphone is also good and the other party complimented the sound quality as well.

Smooth Display

  • 1.69″ LCD
  • 550nits

The 2.5D curved display on the smartwatch is 1.69″ in size and can reach a peak brightness of 550 nits. When we used it indoors, even the minimum brightness setting was good enough. Outside you’ll want to pump the brightness a bit more for better clarity. 

The display is smooth and although not specified, feels like a higher refresh rate display than other budget smartwatches. The display gets pretty bright and for the price it is pretty good. 

Using the display feels pretty good. It’s responsive to the touch and pretty smooth. Overall, we had no issues with the display except for the thick bezels. Personally, a thinner bezel would compliment the look of the watch a lot more but then the price would also be a lot more. 


bOAT has not specified the chipset or the memory in this smartwatch. Nonetheless, the performance is pretty decent.

During our testing, we didn’t find many animation lags or freezes. It happened once when we were trying to use the call function directly from the smartwatch but overall, the performance was smooth sailing.

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Health Tracking and Features

  • Heart Rate
  • SpO2
  • Calling

The smartwatch features standard health tracking. You get your heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, and even sleep tracker. It doesn’t bring any extra features to the table but does offer standard ones. All of the data is synced to the bOAT app and you can view old records and analyses on the app itself. 

The measurements leave much to be desired. Now, you should never consider measurements from a smartwatch for actual medical purposes, only for casual usage. The same is the case here. You get okay readings most of the time, but it will occasionally provide unrealistic readings as well.


This smartwatch also features a sleep-tracking feature as well. During our testing, it was okay. It is somewhat accurate but often makes a mess of the time. bOAT has mentioned that there are certain criteria that need to be met for the watch to consider the time for sleep so it is understandable how some readings can come out different than what we expected.

The app shows your sleep duration and how long you were in deep sleep or light sleep. It also gives you a sleep score and some tips which you can use to improve your sleep cycle.

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  • 220mAh battery
storm call battery

bOAT has claimed a battery life of 7 days for the smartwatch. Unfortunately, this estimate was quite inaccurate during our testing.

Fortunately, the review unit did better than the claim made by bOAT. After about 10 days of usage, we were left with a 30% charge remaining.

When we first connected to the app after a full charge, we got an estimation of around 13 days of usage. The charging cable is provided in the box itself.

Obviously, the battery life can widely vary due to the settings for health measurements and screen brightness so your mileage might vary.

So that was our review of the bOAT Storm Call? How’d you like that? Let us know in the comments below!

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